Ways to improve recovery after a C-section

Ways to improve recovery after a C-section

There is nothing better than to bring a beautiful life in this world. Giving birth to a tiny creature through your womb, no matter how, is not at all easy. Whether giving birth vaginally or through a C-section, post delivery a proper care is needed for a woman. A woman’s body takes much time in recovering through C – section. Whether it is planned or unplanned, it is challenging for her, as one side she has to take care of the newborn and on the other hand also healing from abdominal surgery.

C-section recovery takes nearly about 4-6 weeks to get recovered, however, in some, it depends on the complications while surgery. In some women, Caesarian maybe their first surgery. Therefore, recovery from surgery can be complicated, both mentally and physically. So it is important to follow your doctor’s advice and take extra care of stitches, otherwise can end up with infections. Here are some ways to take care of yourself in C-section which are based on my experiences. These will help you recover fast as well as make a good bonding with your newborn.

Breastfeeding position: After delivery you can go for breast feeding, but it can be painful while lifting your baby in your hands due to abdominal stitches. You can ask for help from nurses, partner or a family member. Sit in a comfortable position. Nursing or breast feeding pillows can be helpful too. This will not put any strain on your body, especially your back and abdominal area.

Proper rest and sleep: As you have to be fit and healthy to take care of your baby, so it is necessary to take full rest and sleep. Take naps when your baby sleeps. Never hesitate to take help from your family to take care of the baby when you are not able. The more you take rest, the more you heal soon.

Physical activities: Walk, it is essential to heal soon, but start slowly in your initial days of delivery, avoid taking stairs, heavy workouts and lifting heavy objects. This may cause stress on your stitches.

Avoid massage near abdominal area: After a week of surgery, moms can go for a massage. This will help in tightening muscles, uplift your skin and provide relaxation to your body. But avoid massaging around tummy as it will put pressure on the wounded abdomen.

Sleep in comfortable position: Post delivery you would not be able to sleep, lay on the sides. So to be comfortable place pillows on your back to give support.

Use of abdominal belts: It can be painful while moving, standing or lifting baby on your own. Use abdominal belt, which will give relief from back pain, help in reducing belly and give support while moving.

Keep incisions clean: Let the strip placed on stitches, fall off on their own or remove after a week. After that can take a normal shower, but dry the area properly. Do not apply any lotion or powder on stitches.

Dress comfortably: Use loose, soft, cotton wears to be comfortable. You are a new mom who wants to heal faster for her baby to look after, so do not care about how you are dressed up or how you are looking in a loose gown.

Have a proper balanced diet: Follow a healthy, balanced diet. Consume nutritious meals rich in iron, vitamin, fibre. If using nuts in your diet, just grind them and consume as your newborn baby won’t be able to digest. Chew your food properly. Avoid food that is gassy or unable to digest. You can also chew a 1/2 tsp of ajwain after your meals, for proper digestion.

Drink fluids: Drink adequate amount of liquids and fluids to keep yourself hydrated and to avoid constipation. You can consume cardamom and fenugreek boiled water in the initial forty days, which will aid in digestion and belly fat.

Take supplements advised by doctors: Take all the medicines, including pain killers and diet supplements on time. Follow all the advices given by a doctor. This will help in healing the wounds faster.

As per my knowledge and experience I have mentioned all the precautions to be taken to help in healing the wound faster so that you recover soon. If you know something that I have missed, you can share yours too.

Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

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