Let ‘s create The New India on this Independence Day

Let ‘s create The New India on this Independence Day

Today we are celebrating 71 glorious years of independence. 15th August, the day, reminds us of all the sacrifices our freedom fighters made for the country’s future. Indians across the country hoist the tricolour to mark the day. Many also fly kites, sing patriotic songs and exchange sweets to celebrate Independence Day.

Our country is known as the world ‘s largest democracy and second most populous country in the world. It also has a remarkable record of achievements socially, economically and politically. India is one of four largest military powers in the world today .Our country has a rich heritage, culture and history. But is really our country, India independent in true words?

Still there are some narrow-minded people who discriminate between boys and girls. Newborn baby girls are dumped by their parents because they want a boy. They just don ‘t think for a second that before a girl she is a blessing from God. The motto of honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi -“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” seems in vain. From few decades many women of India have proved that they are far better than the boys. How can we forget the proud moment, this year in Republic day parade, where 113 women from BSF performed daring stunts on motorcycles. Even so there is no change in the mentality of people of India. The need of the hour is to change our mindset and give this gender equal opportunities as boys, giving them a chance to prove their worth.

Education is yet another necessary step towards Independent India, a nation where people are literate, have jobs and live a respectable life as others. Even today untouchables or people from schedule castes and other backward classes are not given the rights due to which they are ill-treated.

Reports of child abuse are increasing day by day. Can anyone imagine intentionally hurting a child? Where is the humanity gone? Children are brutally beaten and punished by school teachers for not submitting fees. I was filled with anxiety when I read a small boy class 1 suffered burns after a mid-day meal, where cook threw hot dal at him in a primary school in Dindori district, about 400 km west of Bhopal. Reason: he asked for more dal. Who can forget the little Pradhyumn who was found murdered in school premises? I must say, they are not human beings but monsters who can ‘t see their innocence.

Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. In recent years many disturbing cases have drawn attention in India and around the world. The rape victims are children, infact an 8 month baby. Few months back, an 8 month baby girl was brutally raped by her cousin. These shocking news have left us ashamed. Where are we heading? Children not safe at home too!

Are women in India free? Free to go out in night? Free to wear clothes of their choice? No! Many crimes against women do not even get reported because of the social stigma attached to them. Women endure eve-teasing and sexual harassment, often at the cost of their dignity. Freedom, then, remains a hollow notion for women even after 71 years of independence.

There is no humanity left in humans. People don’t stop and simply pass by the road accident victims or just shoot videos instead of helping them. Just think, if it happens to us or our family member?
It’s not over here. There was one more heart wrenching incident which occurred in East Delhi Ashok Nagar. A father strangled her 8-year daughter and banged her face down the road outside his house. After struggling for three days she took her last breath. The reason was just that the girl did not give him a glass of water. The man was behind the bars.

Now I want to stop here as I am not able to write down anything. I am full of anxiety, sorrow and emotions. The list is not going to end. These crimes are not committed by any professional criminal but the family members whom we trust the most.

The most important assets of a nation are the citizens themselves. If the citizens are healthy, patriotic, honest, and sincere, the nation will progress at a much faster pace. For this reason, it is very essential to have moral education in schools and colleges. To impart moral education to students, there can be many ways – telling stories, group discussions, Yoga and Meditation.

Parents play a great role in making the children aware of the importance of leading life ethically. Educate each and every boy and girl. Inculcate good values in them. Teach them to respect the elders and give love and affection to younger ones.

We did get freedom on 15 August 1947 from the British Rule but now we have to get freedom from a whole lot of social evils and problems . It ‘s time to take action, oppose and raise our voice against these heinous crimes. Initiatives should be taken.

For me the day when everyone would be treated equal, male-female ratio is equal, aged people are not a burden, but respected the way they should be, women are not exploited and people get equal opportunities in education and job, only then India would be truly independent.

This 72nd Independence Day, let ‘s take a vow to free India from such evils that our country is battling from.

Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

Hey, I am Amarjeet (Sonia Madaan), a home maker, wife of a wonderful and supportive husband, mom of two school -going boys. Whenever my sons are not around me, I get some me time which is reading and writing for me. I love to express my musings on motherhood and womanhood. I am also passionate about writing diy beauty recipes. Being a  mom blogger  has not only opened up a world of opportunity for me as well as created  friendships  that I will likely have forever. You can find me on kaurstylefile.blogspot.com and fb page kaurstylefile.