Independence Day: How free are our women?

Independence Day: How free are our women?

Whole India is celebrating Independence Day but one thought put up in my mind “are Indian women really independent? “According to dictionary meaning of Independence is freedom, Liberty, self- reliance. Can we go anywhere at any time without fear of being followed, shouted and raped. The answer is “NO”.

People tagged us by looking at clothes we wore. If a girl is in shorts she will be marked as” vaisi wali ladki”. Can you people explain me the meaning of this. How clothes relate to the character of lady. Fifty-year-old lady was in saree then why she got raped and what about that 3 months old little girl? Are we ladies enjoying Independence?

If a girl walk alone at night and get raped people will mark her “Ache Ghar ki ladkiya raat ko ghoomti nai”. Are we living with complete freedom, are we really liberated?

It’s been years we are free from britishers but still our women are not safe and free. In our country violence against women increasing day by day. Rapes, domestic violence, dowry deaths, female faeticide list goes on increasing and it’s very shameful for us.

On Independence Day, let us keep our differences aside and make our women independent. She should have freedom of walk safely alone, wear what she wants, live life by her choices.

Priyanka Arora

Priyanka Arora, an ordinary home maker with an extra ordinary passion of doing something different..mother of proud son who teach me joy of to help others ..creativity is my job which i want to put in everything either in household chores or in parenting