Ways to protect your baby from infections and diseases

Ways to protect your baby from infections and diseases

When a new baby comes at home all the family members, relatives, friends and well wishers are filled with joy and want to hold and adore the baby. And why not? Small babies are so cute and lovable, everyone wants a glimpse and hold the little angel in their arms, hug and kiss them.

But at the same time, it is very important to take care of the hygiene of baby. You have to be extra careful about handling your baby as keeping them healthy and disease free is not an easy task. Small babies are more prone to infections and viral diseases. From feeding, to diaper changing, from handling to playing, at every step you have to be extra careful.

Here are some tips for new moms to follow to keep your baby disease free:

  1. Infectious diseases commonly get spread by touch. Before holding your baby, wash or sanitize your hands. Clean your hands and utensils before preparing food, after a diaper change, using washroom or when you enter the house.
  2. If someone wants to hold the baby, request them to wash their hands. If they want to kiss the baby, they could kiss on feet, but not on the hands. This will prevent the spread of cold, flu and viruses to your baby.
  3. Keep sanitizers handy, whenever outside your home. If someone wants to hold the baby, tell them to use sanitizer so that you can keep your baby germ and disease free.
  4. Keep your house surroundings clean. To keep mosquitoes away, use mosquito repellent. Disinfect your floors with a good floor cleaner. Keep the baby cot or bed clean, hygienic and germs free.
  5. Wash baby ‘s clothes, bed sheets, blankets, diapers, water resistant sheets, toys, etc. with a good disinfectant to make them germ free.
  6. Avoid family gatherings and crowded places in the initial days. Infants are much prone to infections. They may catch the virus and fall prey to diseases very easily as comparable to adults.
  7. To keep your baby healthy and disease free it is essential that the baby gets enough sleep as this helps him grow and set his metabolism.
  8. Breastfeed your baby as much as you can as it acts as an immunity booster. As long as you keep breastfeeding your baby you would be giving him/her antibodies through your breast milk.
  9. The best way to protect your baby from viruses and bacterias is to make sure he gets all the vaccinations on time. Vaccines have proven to be the effective way in eradicating and controlling some major diseases. To determine the best schedule for your child’s immunizations, consult a health care professional.
  10. Mother’s milk is very important to develop immunity in your baby. Ensuring proper hygiene, on time vaccinations and some precautions will prevent most of the infections and keep your baby healthy and disease free.

Thanks for reading, hope you found the post useful.

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