10 Best Wedding Choreographers in Delhi NCR

10 Best Wedding Choreographers in Delhi NCR

Get ready for some latkas and jhatkas  in your wedding celebrations with 10 Best  Women Choreographers who can help you rock your Wedding, Sangeet and Anniversary celebrations. They’re all passionate dancers and will help you put your best foot forward on your special day!

Twirls & Thumkas

Twirls & Thumkas are the Great Indian Wedding Award winner (#giwa2015) and are clearly one of the best in the business. Founded by two passionate dancers, Sherry and Swati, this is one unique dance company!

Swati, a Kathak n Jazz specialist, has been trained in the art of dancing from the best schools in the country. While pursuing her Bachelors from Gargi College she also headed the Choreography Society there. While at college she has performed across various college festivals and gained stage experience early on.

Sherry, also from the same college, was much more focussed on dancing and has trained in various art forms like salsa and ballroom dancing to name a few. She’s a business graduate and worked in the corporate sector before going commercial with this venture.

It was only three years ago that Swati and Sherry came together to launch Twirls & Thumkas. Being exceptionally trained dancers with a creative bent of mind both of them bring ‘wedding stories alive’. They treat wedding choregraphy like a theatrical music production, complete with elaborate sets, background dancers, dialogues, voiceovers and the works. Needless to say they cater to a premium cleintele’ and come with a whole team of professionals to cover the wedding projects that they take up.

Founder: Sherry Sharma & Swati Joneja

Yrs in Biz:  3 yrs +

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Number: +91 9811761221 / +91 9999739065

Pricing for wedding choreography: 1.5 lakhs onwards

Beats & Fusion Studio

Sharmila loved dancing from a tender age of 4 years. Initially she learnt dancing from her mother. Over the years she also got trained at the Shiamak Dawar dance school. The classes helped her greatly in her stage performances. After having performed on stage across various cities in India she took a break for personal reasons. Almost five years ago she founded Beats & Fusion Studio and she’s been choreographing weddings, corporate and other events along with her partner who also happens to be a trained dancer.

Founder: Sharmila Roy

Yrs in Business: 5 yrs +

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Number: +91 98186 28919

Pricing for wedding choreography: Rs 30,000 onwards

Priyanka Valecha

Priyanka started dancing Bharatnatyam when she was 14 years old. She has been trained in jazz from Ashley Lobo’s Danceworx. Also trained in different styles like Kathak, Odissi, Popping, Contemperory, Kalbeliya and different styles of Belly Dance. She has successfully performed in various dance shows on TV and has been teaching at Meher Malik’s Banjara School of Dance for more than 7 years.

She’s a freelance choreographer, performer and instructor with a penchant for Belly Dancing. She’s perfect for planning solo dance performances in Sangeet or anniversary functions.

Yrs in Business: 3 yrs +

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Number: +91 98188 06906

Pricing for wedding choreography:  Rs 3000-5000 per 2mins for a solo choreography

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The Wedding Spell

Gayatri started learning Kathak at the age of 6 and discovered her passion for the art of dancing then. At 9, she started theatre and won the ‘Child Prodigy’ award. And by the time she turned 15, she had turned to being a ‘teacher’ from being just a student at Ashley Lobo’s dance school. She has performed over 200 shows with them.

Unlike many of her peers she had gone commercial with dancing much early in life. At the age of 21 she launched ‘Forever Dance’, her studio in Delhi and started getting enquiries for wedding choreography thereafter. In just a few years she launched “The Wedding Spell” that not only offers wedding choreography but a complete end to end wedding planning service too.

With so much experience on her side, Gayatri Sahdev is one of most talented choregraphers one can find in Delhi NCR.

Founder: Gayatri Sahdev

Yrs in Business: 4 yrs +

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Number: +91 98713 27785

Pricing for wedding choreography: Rs 50,000 onwards


Richa, a former corporate executive used to help organize corporate events during her professional stint at Deloitte. She loved the choreography bit so much that she ended up quitting her job to start Ridaa.

She started dancing at a very young age but never got the chance to get trained professionally. She pursued her passion through college and participated in dance competitions. Dancing gives her joy and the appreciation she gets from clients keeps her going. She choreographs weddings as well as corporate events and she’s extremely passionate about her work.

Founder: Richa Arora

Yrs in Business: 1 Yr +

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Number: +91 9654812373

Pricing for wedding choreography: Rs 75000 onwards

Beyond Routine

With a single minded goal of loving what they do, Beyond Routine is all about dance and arts. Anukriti & Ria are two passion driven women who have chosen to work towards making dance their lives. Meeting new people and sharing their passion is what drives them to create fresh concepts and choreography, adding to the celebrations and making it even more memorable for the people involved in the process.

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Wedding choreography is what they started with and they love to introduce dance as an art form to their clients who have loved it so far.

Founders: Anukriti Khare & Ria Bhatnagar

Yrs in Business: 4 yrs+

Check their work on Youtube: CLICK HERE

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Number: +91 98719 45548

Pricing for Wedding Choreography:  Rs 60,000 onwards


Runjhun started learning dancing as a 6 year old girl and was trained at the  renowned Tanushree Shankar and Anand Shankar Dance Academy. She left a lucrative career in finance to pursue her passion for dance and fitness and set up ZipOut to help people lead happier lives.

Wedding choreography is something that ZipOut has been doing for quite a while. In the year 2014, they also won the award for the ‘Best Dance School’ in Delhi NCR. Runjhun is one seasoned professional and her team at ZipOut, one of the best ones.

Founder: Runjhun Gupta

Yrs in Business: 4 yrs +

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Contact Number: +91 9871495690

Pricing for Wedding Choreography: Rs 80,000 onwards

The Yellow Stripe Dance Co.

Kamna was a marketing and PR professional who enjoyed dancing immensely. At 22, she quit a stable corporate job to pursue dancing as her career. She started her training under Shiamak Dawar in Mumbai where she also ended up working as an instructor for a while. It was in 2015 that she thought of freelancing and left her job at Shiamak Dawar’s Academy. After tasting commercial success she founded The Yellow Stripe Dance Co. along with Utsav and together they have been choreographing for weddings, corporate events and the likes.

Co Founder : Kamna Arora

Yrs in Business: 2 yrs +

Check their work on Youtube: CLICK HERE

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Contact Number: +91 96194 68861

Pricing for Wedding Choreography: Rs 60,000 onwards

Happy Feet

Dancing is something that Sanjana always loved doing. Throughout her school and college life she was always a keen participant in dance events, where she would end up choreographing. The first time she did the Shiamak Daavar classes, is when she realized that dancing could be pursued professionally. Yet she went on to complete her business school degree. As luck would have it she realized that dancing will become something more to her and so she quit her corporate job to start Happy Feet . She’s also a certified Zumba instructor and takes classes regularly. She’s been choreographing weddings and corporate events and has got featured on wedding portals as one of the best wedding choreographers in Delhi NCR.

Founder: Sanjana Mehta

Yrs in Business: 1.5 yrs +

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Contact Number: +91 9650953606

Pricing for Wedding Choreography: Rs 25000 onwards


Dansync was a dream of two 5 year olds who used to learn dancing together. Saloni was trained in ‘Bharatnatyam’ while Rupani learnt ‘Kathak’.  As they grew older they didn’t restrict themselves to only Indian dance forms but explored jazz, salsa, ‘ashtanga yoga’ and zumba. Saloni became an interior designer while Rupani was also a part time Salsa instructor throughout her graduation.

As life reaffirmed itself through movement and passion, Dansync came into being. On the 1st of July 2012, Dansync was born as a creative amalgamation of various dance and fitness forms. After a year another extremely talented dancer – Madhuri joined the duo. Now they are a team of three, ‘Women power all the way!’ they say.

They specialize in freestyle, Bollywood, semi classical but most importantly it’s feeling and emoting what they hear.

Founders: Saloni Arora & Rupani Sharma

Yrs in Business:  5 yrs +

Check their work on Youtube: CLICK HERE

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Contact Number: +91 9999883868  / +91 9953192492

Pricing for Wedding Choreography:  Rs 50,000/ onwards

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