5 Women Bloggers to follow for amazing Parenting Tips

5 Women Bloggers to follow for amazing Parenting Tips

A Baby is a blessing and parenting is a responsibility which will design the future of a child. From parenting a new born, to a toddler, to a kid and a teen, then an adult; there are various stages of parenting and everyone is learning from these levels. Thankfully there are parenting bloggers who capture these memories and share experiences.

Here are the 5 amazing women bloggers for parent tips whom you should follow:

Gitanjali Banerjee – Founder of InfertilityDost

Gitanjali is the founder of InfertilityDost, a website dedicated to “wannabe parents” who suffer due to infertility and the myths around it. Her own struggle for 10 long years battling Non-Fertility ascertained her that she is not alone and there were many more who suffer the pain, the desperation and the loneliness in silence. She believes that parenting starts rightfully from when a couple conceives the idea of becoming parents and to support such aspiring parents, new parents in their journey is worthy of her true calling. She has a three and a half-year-old son who is the apple of her eye.

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Neha Gupta – Founder of Sharing Our Experiences

Neha is a mom of a cute toddler, an avid reader, an ardent traveler, IT by profession, a trending blogger, a creative crafter and proud founder of Sharing Our Experiences. She started sharing her experiences so that this information could be put to use by others and could help them, encourage them and touch their lives. She firmly believes in sharing whatever she has learnt in life and enjoys doing it. Her blog will give her readers articles on tried and tested activities for kids, toys and games for children, craft ideas, book reviews for all ages, simple hacks, healthy recipes and support tutorials for budding bloggers.

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Taranpreet – Founder of Mommy and BabyBug

Mommy and BabyBug by Taranpreet is about the little hurdles and small experiences which parents face in day to day life. She advices her followers with the best, advising new parents to go with the flow, featuring her favorite products to be used for children, the aspects of parenthood which she messed up as a new mom, etc. It’s a journey that she captured since her daughter was born.  She was battling Post-Partum Depression after childbirth and that’s how the blog was born to write her feelings. She now loves blogging and realizes that there are other people as well who connect and relate with her thoughts. She wants the society to believe that motherhood is not the end but just the beginning.

Shokhi Agarwal – Founder of SheerParenting

An MBA by profession and a writer by passion, motherhood changed Shokhi’s entire perception of life. Shokhi is not just raising her two daughters but bringing up Good Women! SheerParenting is all about parenting through Shokhi’s eyes and sheer experiences of her and her beloved’s parenting journey. It is a community for parents to know more about the art of parenting, for bloggers who are welcome to share a guest post and for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses to a large reader base.

Nancy Sharma – Founder of The Thinkin Hat

Nancy Sharma is a Software Professional, a Mother, a Fitness Freak, a Singer, and a Book Lover! The Thinkin Hat is all about quirky tales of a working mommy and her life. Nancy believes that Staying Fit and Raising a Child can be both mutually fruitful and doable. Her struggles and hilarious moments of being a fit mother on the job, her fitness mantras, her book reviews, her parenting tips and anything that makes her think is all that one can find on her blogsite.

Tanusri Chakraborty

She is a simple and fun loving girl at heart, into operations by profession, and writing by passion. She loves to sing and dance and travel to places. She is a loving mother to her son and wants to live it up for him. She also wants to pay a tribute to her dad by writing more and credits him for it to be in her genes. She also wants to thank her family for the support extended when on days she does nothing else but writes. Its time for the writer in her to come out and rule!!