26 Interesting Maths Activities for Kids

26 Interesting Maths Activities for Kids

Teaching maths to little kids can be cumbersome but learning it from interesting yet educational activities can make it easy. Kids should learn things practically as it would increase their motor skills. Here are 26 interesting maths activities for your kids:

Bottle Bowling

Bottle bowling is an interesting learning trick. Arrange colourful bottles in a triangular shape, ask your kid to roll a ball and hit bottles. And cheer up your kid to count the fallen bottles. It is a very creative way to learn to count.

Make a Salad

Prepare Salad with your kid, ask them to count ingredients. For example: Make them count the number of carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. Your children will learn to make tasty Salad along with counting numbers.

Maths Fact Garden

For playing maths garden, children need to draw a big flower with 10 petals on the ground. Then they write a number to Add, Subtract or Multiply by in the middle and fill up the petal with the correct answer.

Tell Time on Giant Clock

It’s an amazing way to read the time on the clock. Draw a giant Clock on the board or the ground, ask your child to act as an hour hand and minute hand. Call out a time and ask them to mark the time on the clock.

Roll the Dice

Rolling the dice is an interesting way to learn Addition. You need dice, a pencil and paper for the amazing activity. Ask your kid to roll the dices and the add numbers appeared on the dice. It’s an easy method to learn mathematical calculations.

Measure your Jump

It’s a super Fun yet simple measurement activity. In this activity, children have to hop like frogs and Kangaroos. Once they are done with hoping, take a measuring tape and ask them to measure the distance covered.

Hit the Target and Graph

It is an amazing way to teach counting and graphing. Ask your kid to hit the target colour. And after hitting on the target, prepare a graph and assist them to record their points on the graph sheet.

Count and Learn on Nature Walk

Take your children for a nature walk, to any park or forest. Ask them to count trees, butterflies, birds or flowers. And help them to record the numbers on the sheet. The activity will keep your children mentally active and they will learn a lot from the activity.

Hunt for Shapes

Hunt for shapes is a geometry learning play idea for preschool kids. For this activity, cut colourful triangles, rectangles, circles and squares. After cutting the shape you need to hide these shapes in different corners of your house. And you’ve to ask your children to hunt for shapes.

Popsicles Stick Maths

For this Maths trick, you’ve to collect few popsicle sticks. You have to write numbers on the sticks, then give two random sticks to your kid. And ask them to add or subtract the given numbers.

Measuring height

It’s an easy way to teach your children about measurement concepts. Draw a height chart on cardboard, and call your kid to decorate the cardboard with sketch-pens and colours. And then instruct them to measure their height or height of their toys.

Addition with Playing Cards

For this activity, you need to remove the face cards. Then shuffle the cards and give two or three random cards to your children and ask them to add the numbers on the card. It’s an easy to play maths activity.

Guess How Many

For this amazing maths activity, you need a box of candies, gummy bears or colourful blocks. You just have to ask your kid “how many candies can fit in the box?”. Then, Takeout all the candies out of the box and ask your kid to count.

Pouring and Comparing

A game for learning arrangements and measurements can be pouring and comparing. Take different sized containers and ask your child to pour in some rice and let them arrange it in ascending or descending order.

Number Dance

This game is perfect for children who love to dance. For this activity, you need to locate plenty of numbers on the floor. And you’ve to write some simple equations on board or paper and let them solve them. Once they are done, they need to jump on the correct digits.

Comparing the Size

Comparing the size is a fun task, for this activity you need to collect a few fruits, veggies or toys. And ask your children to arrange the objects from smallest to biggest.


A fun, yet educational activity can be graphing. This game can help your child learn categorising. Draw some bars on a sheet of paper with different names of fruits, vegetables or things on top and let your child arrange toys on the chart with respective names.

Sorting and Counting Candy

A interesting game can be sorting which can let your child know about different colours and also counting. In a bowl, you can take random colour candies and ask your child to separate them based on colours and count the too

Patterns with Gummy Bear

Place gummy bears in a pattern of AB or ABC, you can use two or three colours for the pattern. The fun maths activity is related to sorting and placing, after arranging the bears into patterns, you have to keep the last place vacant. And let your kid grasp the remaining colour.

Measure the Volume

Playing with water is what children love. The activity with water can make your child learn measurements. Take some measuring cups, jars and water and ask your child how many cups of water can fill the jar, this is an activity that children surely love.

Making Number with Play Clay

Playing with clay can be fun for kids. Use Coloured clay to make mathematical numbers and put it down on your child’s hand or on a paper. And let them learn the numbers.

Make a Splash with Water Balloons

This maths activity can be played with group of friends. You have to write numbers form 1-20, shout out loud two numbers and ask kids you add or subtract. And splash water balloon with the correct answer.

Catch a Math Beach Ball

This is an incredibly fun game, this game can be played for learning addition or Multiplication. You need to write numbers from 1-12 with permanent marker, and ask your children to toss the ball and catch it. As they hold the ball they have to add or multiply the numbers which are glued to their hands.

Paint And Hide Number Rocks

Help your children to paint the rock with different colours, each rock should have a single digit number on it. You need to hide the rocks in your garden, and ask your kid to hunt for them. As your kid finds two rock pieces ask them to subtract, add or multiply.


You can use abacus to teach maths, it will enhance motor skills and brain of the children. With a simple and colourful abacus you can teach your kid maths.

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