Check out these Best Online Classes for Kids

Check out these Best Online Classes for Kids

Owing to the pandemic, the online classes are in great trend. Not only the learning can be done at home but also the creative splurge of the kids can be well looked after by the online classes for students in various domains.

If you are looking for some elearning courses in India for your kids that can develop their overall personality and develop the IQ then you must check out the below online courses and classes in India:

1. Raspbians is offering Best Online Coding Classes For Kids

Dimple Arora, Founder of RASPBIANS, conducts multiple courses covering the demand of programming, gaming, storyboarding, animation etc.

Courses offered

1. Scratch:

Course Outcome: Storyboarding, animation and gaming. Understanding programming logics and flow
Age Group : 8+ Onwards
Course Duration : 6 Months
Batch Size: 5 Students
Classes: Once a week for 1 hour

2. MIT App Development:

Course Outcome: Self made Apps for Google Play Store. Apps of Gaming, Community help, Profiles etc. Understanding mobile programming and the sensors

Age Group : 8+ Onwards
Course Duration : 6 Months
Batch Size: 5 Students
Classes: Once a week for 1 hour

3. Web Development (HTML + CSS):

Course Outcome: Understanding Website Development for kids from skeleton to advance level with CSS
Age Group : 10+ Onwards
Course Duration : 4 Months
Batch Size: 5 Students
Classes: Once a week for 1 hour

4. Python Programming (Basic to Advance):

Course Outcome: Basics of Python, Turtle Programming, Tkinter, Database handling with Tkinter, PyGames, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib

Age Group : 13+ Onwards
Course Duration : 1+ Year
Batch Size: 5 Students
Classes: Once a week for 1 hour

Fees for all the courses is Rs. 2000 for 4 classes.
To Enroll: Book a free Trial Class at:
Call/WhatsApp at: +91-9560248770

2. Join your kids at Kal- Aakaar Collective for Performing and Visual Arts Classes

Founded by Ms. Prachi, Kal-Aakaar collective is a performing arts academy and a performer’s collective based in Gurgaon.

It provides learning in various performing arts through certified programs, collaborates to create outreach programs and events with schools, curates workshops in various performing arts with maestros. It organises intimate baithaks, and conceives original shows, events, and concerts for kids and grown-ups.

Courses Offered

1. Indian Classical Dance- 5+ : Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi
Cost Range- 2800 to 6000 INR

2. Indian Classical Vocals- 4+ : Hindustani Vocals
Cost Range- 2400 to 6000 INR

3. Indian Instruments -6+ : Tabla, Dhol, Dholak, Flute
Cost Range- 2800 to 6000 INR

Other Available Courses for Age group- 4+to 7+

  1. World Arts
  2. Theatre & voices
  3. Master series

Master Music Appreciation Classes for 18+ that include Manganiyar Folk Music Course with a cost range of Rs 5000.

They have renowned maestros and teachers.

For more information you can Contact: +91-9811071609

3. Check out the Calligraphy Classes for Kids

Ms. Saumya Srivastava ‘s venture ekidzcorner offer calligraphy, phonics, Rubik cube and doodle arts classes for. The age group for all the classes starts from 6year, and for phonics the age is 4 years.

Courses offered

1. Calligraphy Classes: brushpencalligraphy , pencilcalligraphy, cutnibcalligraphy, frakturcalligraphy, doublepencilcalligraphy,  cursivewriting, scriptwriting

2. Phonics classes

3. Rubik Cube Classes: pyramidcube, 3*3cube,  2*2cube, 4*4 cube 5*5cube, mirrorcube, megamix

4. Doodle Art classes

Fees starts from ₹1000

For Details of classes:

Calligraphy classes:
Rubik cube classes:
Phonics classes:
Doodle Arts:
For more information, contact: 9695074392

4. Check out the Subject wise online classes by GET SET GO CLASSES

Ramanpreet Kaur’s GET SET GO CLASSES offers various subject wise classes. With over 15 years of vast experience Ramanpreet also have group of enthusiastic and well trained teachers for better teaching- learning process.

Courses offered

  • Phonics (all levels)
  • Hindi ( beginners till primary classes)
  • Maths (till primary classes)
  • English enrichment sessions till primary grades.
  • Drawing classes( vast content)
  • Mandala art classes
  • Piano and guitar lessons
  • Creative writing
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Story telling and puppetry

For prices and timing you can contact: +918076202804
Instagram: @getsetgo_readingisfun

5. Make your child a chess guru with Dhyan Chess Academy

Dhyan Chess Academy is founded by Woman International Master Dhyani Dave. Students can learn new tricks and tactics from certified trainers of Dhyan Chess Academy.

If you are looking for online chess coaching for beginners then you must connect and enrol your child. They have various timing options available for the India zone, and they also specialize in training Kids from the USA and UK time zones.

They have the option for twice and thrice a week classes. They are also organizing monthly tournaments and regularly give updates of all the official tournaments happening across the world.

Types of chess classes:

  • one-on-one class
  • Private group class
  • Daily group class

Fee structure:

  • Fees are different for different levels
  • Fees for Beginners level is 1200rs. However fees will differ according to types of classes and levels.

For more details, Contact: +919099842726
Instagram: @dhyanchessacademy

5. Make Maths easy for your child with Magik Maths

Barnali Choudhuri, Founder – Magik Maths, gives online maths classes with unique methodology. She offers classes to kids from senior kg to 7th grade. She engage students mentally and brings out best performances. Teaching technique includes engagement with learners to enable their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts and processes.

Courses offered : Maths Classes

Fees: ₹14000-₹18000
Modules. – 36 weeks
Timing: 2 hours a week, mostly Saturday

For more information:
Instagram: @magikmaths

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