The Beautiful Journey of Motherhood

The Beautiful Journey of Motherhood

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and ugly phase of a women’s life in the same moment.

Motherhood starts, not when the baby is born, rather when one conceives. The day one gets to know that one is pregnant, the motherly instincts arise and you become careful and cautious.

You start building your bond, with the baby. The first ultrasound you have, you hear the baby’s heartbeat, and your heart skips a beat. The first movement within the womb, those visible movements, that urgency to have the baby come soon, and finally the delivery time. Phew.

The delivery pain be it normal or caesarean, kills you, but the moment you hear that first cry, those tiny hands feel you, the touch on your breast whether you can feed or not, nurtures the motherhood in you.

Tears roll down your cheeks, when your new-born is brought to you, you forget all your pain and want to hold your little one, an “ansh” of yours in front of you, who you have nurtured for 9 long months. The beautiful romance that starts here is so short lived as you get caught on with being hands on with the baby. Feeding and nursing 24/7, diapering on demand, sleepless nights and soon you realise that all that pregnancy glow has gone and you look nothing less than a bear.

As week and months pass by, your love for your baby keeps increasing and so does the difficulty, Baby not eating, not pooping, achieving or not achieving milestones, that constant stress but with one sweet little smile from the baby and all is gone.

Motherhood is a roller coaster ride which you would enjoy some and not enjoy, no one tells you that becoming a mother is not an easy task, all would tell you about how beautiful it is to have your own child, children are so sweet and cute, but not one tells you with motherhood also comes a change in your personality, identity and focus.

Your whole life revolves around the child, the husband wife relationship, suddenly changes and you become just parents, that’s when you start attending kids birthday parties more than your own and start making new friends who have same age group kids.

You make sure your baby wears the best of clothes and shoes and you yourself, don’t fit in any of your chic outfit, you still love your bay, you have no time for threading and waxing, until your baby starts pulling your upper lip hair. Your hair grow so long, without you realising

The bad and the ugly part of motherhood is superseded by that unconditional love that these munchkins shower on us, all day long they will keep calling mumma mumma , irritating at times, but if they are not around, you miss everything about them.

That’s what is a mummy, emotional and soft hearted and at times the Bad witch as she keeps checking you for your good.

So love your mom, hate your mom but always be there with your mom as motherhood never ends until the mother dies.

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta, is a management graduate with specialization in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Over 17 years of corporate experience in the field of Wealth Management & Advising clients across industries. Akta Sehgal is the Manas behind Manas Management Advisors.