These Couples are Reinventing the Traditions by keeping Karwachauth Fast Together

These Couples are Reinventing the Traditions by keeping Karwachauth Fast Together

Karwachauth is no longer for womenfolk observing the day long fast as these couples are reinventing the tradition in the contemporary way where the men are also observing the sacred bond of love through keeping fast for their beloved better halves.

Here are some of the couples around the country who not only eat together but fast together:

1. Shipra and Sandeep Trehan from Delhi

Married for 8 years with a courtship of 5 years since the last 13 years both Shipra and Sandeep are keeping fast for each other and reinventing bond of love and happiness together in the Indian traditions.

2. Rizoota and Vivek Chaubey from Pune

Met on a matrimonial site, the love blossoms between Rizoota and post marriage. On their first Karwachauth when Rizoota’s mother-inlaw offered her husband tea which at any cost he cannot compromise he said “nahi I will drink in a while I need to finish some work.”. Till then it didn’t striked her and till late afternoon he was behaving to be busy and when Rizoota did Pooja and her mil said have something he just jumped to have tea and all couldnt stop laughing and her mil was surprised see him fasting while Rizoota blushed.

Since then both of them fast together.

3. Suchi Shukla and Rahul Shukla from Lucknow

Their journey as a partner started with the most unfateful event. Something which a bride and groom cant even think of.. Rahul’s father died due to severe heart attack at time of jaymala. His wife was chosen by his father so she was a last gift or wish to the family by the father. And both of them stood like a strongest support to each other in every phase of life. Rahul keeps fast with her every year.

4. Shaila Gupta and Ankush Gupta from Ludhiana

What started as the motivation for his wife as she was fasting for the first time and never fasted before became an every year ritual for both Ankush and Shaila who fast together to make each other feel special as its their day to rejoice.

5. Ruchika Sehgal and Amitabh Sehgal from Delhi

Ruchika Sehgal and Amitabh Sehgal have been married from 11 yrs and her husband has been keeping karwachauth fast with hersince then. This will be our 12 the karwachauth together.

He gets up with her in the morning for Sargi and makes sure that she eat a heart full.

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