Follow these Vastu Tips for Diwali and attract prosperity, health, wealth and happiness in your life

Follow these Vastu Tips for Diwali and attract prosperity, health, wealth and happiness in your life

The upcoming Diwali festival gives me the opportunity to share my understanding of the essence of this beautiful Festival of Lights.

Also sharing Vastu Tips hoping to help make your Diwali brighter, colorful and happier.

My profession & passion gives me the opportunity to understand energy fields of different spaces, understand scriptures to the how and why Ancient Indians followed certain rituals, more important is that how can we apply that to our lives today.

Thus according to me the essence of Diwali is to increase our inner light, lessen the load we carry mentally & emotionally, reach closer to our true being and spread the light that we have lit within. Letting our light spread to our loved ones, our families, friends and people we work with. In that true symbol, we light diyas or lamps in Diwali symbolizing spreading of our love and light around us.

Below have shared some simple Vastu tips that were followed as prescribed by Ancient Indian texts, which can be followed today for overall prosperity and wellbeing

Dhanteras – 2nd November 2021

With Dhanetras begins the celebrations of Diwali festival.

It is said that this is the day when Maa Lakshmi emerges from the ocean carrying a pot of gold and so did Lord Kuber thus this day is dedicated to worshipping “Dhan” which comes from Maa Lakshmi and Lord Kuber.

  1. Draw Aum or Swastik along with Maa Lakshmi feet on the threshold of main entrance door on this day helps in attracting positivity as well as prosperity.
  1. Cleanse all the silver coins you & Gold which you will use for the Dhanteras Puja.

Silver – Simple & effective way to cleanse is Soak silver in a solution of 1/2 cup vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda for an hour or more. Then rinse clean and dry.

Gold – Simple & effective way is to soak cotton ball in white vinegar and rub over the gold. Let it stay for 10 mins. Scrub with soft bristled toothbrush if required or simply wash with water.

This is very critical as the energy of the wealth we are using for prayer changes and attracts more prosperity.

  1. The Dhanteras puja for this year is recommended, in the North of the house / office for attracting more prosperity.
  1. Avoid wearing black and reds this year on Dhanteras.

Roop Chaturdashi 3rd November 2021

Important day for self-cleansing.

Our subconscious is in constant communication with the spaces around us. When we clean our auric body, our higher consciousness is elevated. By this time our houses/offices are cleaned spic and span, so now the focus to self cleanse before the Diwali day.

  1. Mix one spoon of sugar with 2 spoons of sea salt, mix sesame oil or coconut oil along with grated fresh coconut. For people who do not like the coconut aroma, you can substitute it with Gram flour/ besan. Mix all of the ingredients and keep it for 10 mins.

Use this as a scrub for bathing. While cleansing, state to cleanse your physical, emotional, mental and auric body of all negativity and ill-health and to fill you with energies of positivity, super health and prosperity. This has works wonderfully well and can be repeated on Diwali day as well.

  1. If you have family or any loved ones who are critically ill, donation of 14 lamps with intent of longer life of the person who is unwell helps appease Lord Yamraj on this day.

Diwali – The D Day – 4th November 2021

Maa Lakshmi puja is the essence of the day along with lighting as many diyas as possible.

Prayers to Lord Ganesh, Maa Saraswati & Maa Lakshmi, helps in removing obstacles, granting wisdom and wealth of the heart, soul mind and body along with the much-required material wealth.

  1. Offering 7 Lotuses in puja will help inflow of wealth and removing of obstacles.
  1. House full of fresh flowers, Lights, Rangolis, Diya’s is the order of the day, which enhances the overall joy of the festivities.
  1. Rangolis should adorn entrance doors along with spaces within. Creating green, gold and orange Rangoli in the East of the house & pink, red and green Rangoli in South East of the house, will make social interactions sweeter and exchange of love along with gifts more pleasant.
  1. Offer seven grains, sugar, salt, tea/coffee, and turmeric in prayers. These can be later donated especially to girl below 10 years.
  1. After Diwali puja, write financial goals of the year along with 2 wishes and place it in the west of the house/office in a white envelope or folder. You can also frame your wishes in a golden frame and place it in the west of the house.
  1. Placing a brass Owl in the West of your house on Diwali evening post Lakshmi puja will attract wealth.
  1. Diwali Puja this year is recommended in the North East or West of the house/Office.
  1. Avoid wearing black or white this year on Diwali.
  1. Rangoli

For North & West facing doors – Create Lakshmi feet Rangoli with Gold and Silver tones along with blue and green colors. Add a bit of rice to the rangoli to add to overall prosperity.

For East and South facing doors – Create floral Orange and Gold tones along with green & pink. Add bit of fresh flowers to the rangoli to add to overall prosperity.

10. Diwali gifts – Packed Diwali gifts can be placed in the East, West or North West.

Poonam Wadera

Poonam Wadera is a Vastu Wizard and certified MahaVastu Expert from Aunkar Foundation. She is also a trained Astro-Numerologist and has taught Numerology when requested. She practices Vedic & Modern Vastu with intuitive diagnostics, which are results oriented Her expertise and guidance has been sort out for over uncountable cases and she been part of over two thousand plus group studies. She specializes in Residences & commercial spaces. To Connect with her: