Foolish Girl – Episode 2

Foolish Girl – Episode 2

Recap of (Episode -1)

Meethi is married to Rahbar in a well off family where Masoom bhai and Shehla bhabhi( Rahbar’s 3rd elder Brother and his wife) are the guardians of Meethi & Rahbar. Meethi is welcomed by Shehla bhabhi in a very big & posh flat on her 1st Marriage night. On that night she finds Rahbar’s 4th elder Brother Pappu bhai and his wife Shabnam bhabhi)sleeping in the next room on a bed mattress placed on the floor. Meethi gets shocked and tells Rahbar.

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Meethi comes from the washroom in hurry and tells Rahbar about Shabnam bhabhi and Pappu Bhai sleeping in the next room. Rahbar is very tired from the marriage ceremonies & celebrations. He listens to Meethi and ignores what she is saying. He switches of the bedroom light and sleeps on the bed. He kisses Meethi and then goes to sleep. Meethi also sleeps next to Rahbar and falls asleep since she is also very much tired.

Next Morning Meethi wakes up and goes to the Bathroom to take bath. She takes bath and comes into her bedroom. Rahbar also wakes up from sleep and goes to freshen up & take bath. Meethi takes her dupatta and goes out of her bedroom. She finds Shabnam bhabhi standing outside the next bedroom gate & speaking to a lady sweeping the floor. Meethi understands that she is the maid or the house help of the family. Meethi is surprised to know that the maid is new and today is her first day at work. She also gets to knw that this maid has been kept for the dusting, sweeping & mopping of her flat. The maid smiles at Meethi by looking at her. Shabnam bhabhi asks Meethi that had she taken her bath so early, to which Meethi replies that “yes she has taken her bath.”

The maid then finds a gold chain with locket and gives to shabnam bhabhi .She says that she found it in the next room while dusting. Meethi sees this and gets impressed by the honesty of the maid. Shabnam bhabhi also thanks the new maid.

Rahbar comes from the bathroom, gets ready and goes down.After a couple of hours, Shehla bhabhi comes to Meethi’s flat with Shabnam bhabhi & another maid carrying a bowl of ” Kheer.” Rahbar also comes,then both Meethi and Rahbar are made to eat Kheer by each other’s hand.

This was the time when Meethi actually sees Rahbar’s nature. She finds that he is also a very quiet and obedient person. He is quietly sitting and eating the Kheer in front of Shehla bhabhi. Meethi reminds Shehla bhabhi about the nose ring. Shehla bhabhi tells another maid to go and call “Moni bua.” Moni bua is a very old maid in the family. She has been working for the family for the past 18 yrs. Moni bua comes and takes the nose ring from Meethi. Meethi sees moni bua and is afraid by her physical appearance. She is above 45 yrs aged tall, dark woman. She looks very much strong physically as if she can wrestle a man. Meethi on seeing her says that her nose will pain very much but moni bua says nothing will happen and she then puts Meethi’s nose ring in her nose in just one go. Meethi is in terrible pain and feels like that someone has shaken her full body. Moni bua then leaves by asking Shehla bhabhi that whether “Babu” has finished the Kheer and will she take the bowl downstairs with her. Shehla bhabhi then replies to Moni bua that yes she can take the bowl with her.Meethi then comes to know that Rahbar is being called as ” Babu” by Shehla bhabhi & everybody in the family. Shehla bhabhi then tells Meethi & Rahbar to get ready and come down to her flat on the ground floor.

Meethi & Rahbar goes down. Shehla bhabhi makes Meethi sit in her next bedroom with Rahbar. Meethi sees Roshan api with Rahbar’s mother sitting in that room. Meethi greets them with Assalamo Alaikum & is happy to see her mother -in law with Roshan api. Mother in law is an old lady with so many questions reflecting on her face.Her eyes were speaking as if she is having so many stories to tell. Rahbar’s mother or (Amma) was also accompanying another old lady who was her sister, which means Rahbar’s mother own sister known as ( khala). She was a village woman dressed in a village style saree. Both Amma and Khala came near to Meethi and sat beside her. Amma gifted Meethi one gold ring and a gold locket as” Munh dikhai” which is a custom where all the family members gifts something to the new Bride on seeing her face for the first time. Amma has gifted all her daughter in laws minimum one full heavy gold set. Even 2yrs back, Amma gifted Shabnam bhabhi a heavy gold set in her “munh dikhai”, but Meethi being the youngest of all gets nothing from Amma as compared to all the daughter in laws of the family. Meethi is still unaware of this fact and is very happy to receive even a small token of gift from Amma. Later on in this story, Shehla bhabhi comes to know about Amma’s gift to Meethi, When shehla bhabhi sees Meethi wearing Amma’s gold ring. She gets angry and tells Meethi not to wear this anymore. Meethi later on also gets to know that behind all this misery of Amma, Shabnam bhabhi is involved.

After a short while, Meethi’s Father, elder Brother, elder Uncle and one Cousin Uncle reaches the House. They are sitting in Shehla bhabhi’s living room while Meethi & Rahbar are sitting inside the other bedroom. One” Qari sahab” (Maulvi/MuslimPriest)comes with the register and asks Rahbar & Meethi to sign the register. Actually it was the Marriage Registration register.Both Rahbar& Meethi signs and gives the register back. Meethi doesn’t gets to see her family members as she is the new bride surrounded by Amma, Khala & all other relatives .Rahbar goes & attends Meethi’s elder brother while Meethi’s Father and uncle’s are talking with Masoom bhai. Rahbar shows Meethi’s elder brother his flat by taking him upstairs to the 1st floor.

Next day everybody in the house is very busy with the evening Reception party of Meethi & Rahbar. Shehla bhabhi takes Meethi to a very posh parlour in their family car and drops her in the parlour. Meethi while sitting in the car on the way to parlour feels that, she is in wonderland and thinks that she is now associated to a very big family. Shehla bhabhi has arranged everything for Meethi over there and makes her get ready for the evening reception. Shehla bhabhi carries all the Lehenga & gold sets of Meethi with her to the parlour. When Meethi gets ready completely, Shehla bhabhi comes to pick up Meethi. Shehla bhabhi is very happy to see Meethi all dressed up in Lehenga and looking very beautiful.

She takes Meethi to the venue and enters in the Reception Hall with Meethi. All eyes are focussed on the Bride & Shehla bhabhi. Shehla bhabhi holds Meethi ‘s hand and makes her climb the stairs of the stage. She helps Meethi get up on the stage. Now Rahbar comes & joins Meethi on stage. Rahbar is wearing a coat pant suit and is looking very handsome too. He sees Meethi in lehenga but doesn’t compliment her with a word and neither talks to her. He looks tensed &detached towards Meethi. Suddenly all the guests started coming on the stage one by one.Meethi and Rahbar starts greeting all the guests. Meethi eyes are waiting for her family members and friends. Her friends don’t come as they came on her wedding so they were absent at the Reception. Meethi’s Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters, Bhabhi’s and all family members arrives at the Reception party.Meethi is so happy to see them all. All the female members of Meethi’s family comes on stage one by one and Congratulates Meethi & Rahbar. Meethi’s 2nd elder sister comes and compliments Rahbar that he is looking very smart & handsome today. Rahbar smiles and says to Meethi’s sister that she should compliment Meethi and not him.

Reception was very grand. Everybody clicked pictures with Meethi & Rahbar. Video grapher took the videos of the whole family and now Reception is on the verge of finishing. Most of the guests have gone since it was 11 pm. Now someone comes and calls Meethi & Rahbar for dinner. Both Meethi & Rahbar goes to the dining area and sees their full family from both sides are sitting in the dining area. They are waiting for dinner. Meethi & Rahbar eats together with their family from both sides. At the dinner time, Shabnam bhabhi is staring at Meethi & Rahbar without concentrating much on her dinner.

Reception is over and now Meethi is all set to go to her maayka (Mother’s place) with Rahbar. Meethi goes with Rahbar directly to her Maayka to celebrate “Nauthi.” It is a traditional custom for the bridegroom to stay at the bride’s place for 9 days, At the Reception night in Meethi’s home, Rahbar is again tired and he sleeps. Meethi wants to talk to Rahbar but he falls asleep.

Meethi meets all her family and is enjoying her stay very much. Rahbar meets Meethi’s family members in the next morning. Meethi’s brother’s & sisters show Rahbar all Meethi’s childhood family pictures. Meethi’s 2nd sister then tells Rahbar about Meethi’s absent mindedness and slow nature to which Rahbar replies that yes very correct.He then tells Meethi’s 2nd sister that he also found her the same and calls Meethi “Alice in wonderland.” Rahbar had a great time and then leaves Meethi ‘s place to visit his factory. Rahbar stays for only 1 day at Meethi’s place because he is having lots of work to do in the factory.

Meethi stays at her Maayka for Nauthi. Meethi sees her 1st elder Sister & elder Bhabhi talking about Meethi’s marriage. So Meethi goes to them and listens to their talk. Her sister and Bhabhi asks Meethi about her “Sasural”(Husband’s place). Meethi tells them how Shehla bhabhi has decorated her new flat beautifully and perfectly. She then also tells them that the furnitures and Electronics which Father & Brother has given Meethi are also placed and arranged nicely in their perfect places by Shehla bhabhi. She then adds that shehla bhabhi has also made her few dresses & sandals arranged in the cupboards beautifully. After which Meethi’s Elder sister & Elder bhabhi says that Shehla bhabhi has selected Meethi for her politeness. After a few days Shehla bhabhi and Masoom bhai comes to take Meethi.

Meethi goes back to her sasural and the next day in the evening, her Sisters and two Bhabhi’s visits her place to see the flat. Meethi is sleeping downstairs in Shehla bhabhi’s bedroom. Suddenly she is surprised to see her sisters and two Bhabhi’s. It is raining very heavily outside and there is also a power cut. All her sisters and two Bhabhi cannot see her flat properly due to power cut. Rahbar also comes from the factory and joins them.

Next day after that, Meethi and Rahbar are told that they are going for their Honeymoon to Adaman & Niccobar Islands. So they should be ready at 6 am tomorrow morning to leave the house for airport. Shehla bhabhi comes and packs Meethi’s luggage and guides her what to take for her Honeymoon. She packs just very casual and branded suits for Meethi. All are very light and trendy.

Tomorrow early morning, Meethi & Rahbar are ready with their luggages. Shehla bhabhi and Masoom bhai are waiting in the car to drop Meethi & Rahbar to the airport. They both went down & sat in the car. Meethi on the way to airport feels vomiting and tells Shehla bhabhi that she wants to vomit. Masoom bhai stops driving the car and Meethi gets down from the car and vomits. Rahbar offers her water and Masoom bhai brings orange juice for Meethi. Meethi is now feeling okay and sits in the car. She then tells Shehla bhabhi that she cannot sit in the car for long hours as she is allergic to the smell of petrol & diesel. Shehla bhabhi then tells Meethi that she should now cultivate the habit of sitting in the car.

They all reach the airport. Meethi & Rahbar checks in and goes inside the queue of boarding pass. Before going inside the queue, Meethi hugs Shehla bhabhi and waves bye to her. Masoom bhai then waves bye to both Meethi and Rahbar upon which Rahbar & Meethi also waves” bye bye”to Masoom bhai & Shehla bhabhi. They both leave Meethi & Rahbar in the airport and they go back home.

Meethi & Rahbar now waits for boarding the flight. It’s the first time for Meethi taking a flight. Before taking her 1st flight, She calls her Father and shares her excitement. She also tells her Father that Shehla bhabhi & Masoom bhai came to drop them to airport. Meethi & Rahbar now boards the flight and lands on Adaman & Niccobar Islands. Everything for Meethi is like a dream and she is in her own fairyland.

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