Hyderabad, Pune Best Cities To Live In India: Survey

Hyderabad, Pune Best Cities To Live In India: Survey

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana has once again become the best city to live in India, the fourth time in a row! However, for this year’s global list, Pune has improved its ranking by a considerable margin, to get throned as the best city to live along with Hyderabad.

According to Times of India, the report stated,

While Hyderabad and Pune have jumped in rankings this year, they have done so relative to other cities, while showing negligible change on factors evaluated.

Among all the Indian cities, New Delhi was ranked the lowest at 162, for the third time in a row, primarily because of the challenges it faces with respect to air quality and traffic.

Other Indian cities like Bengaluru ranked at 149, Chennai at 151, Mumbai at 144, and Kolkata at 160. As compared to rank 177 last year, Bengaluru improved this year and is no longer the lowest ranked among all Indian cities.

Vienna from Austria is at the top ranking among all cities across the world, and overall, European cities continue to remain at the top.

You can find the entire list of best cities to live right here.

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