The Much awaited “I am I can -NLP Leadership Programme for kids by Expert Praggatti Rao is Here

The Much awaited “I am I can -NLP Leadership Programme for kids by Expert Praggatti Rao is Here
What is the I Am I can Programme All About?

It is a 9 month program, delivered in three modules of three months each as given below:-

  1. Lifeskills, Attitudes and Behaviours Modules.(EQ assessments included)
  2. Smarter Strategies 4 Studying (Psychometric’s-Study Habit Inventory Test included);
  3. Communication Module- Talking to self, others & Designing and Delivering Presentations.

Each kid here creates their own personal code of conduct towards winning attitudes, Smarter strategies for studying and impactful Communication with self, others & Designing – Delivering Presentations.

When it will start?

A weekend program, options are either a Saturday 10.30-12.30 slot OR a Sunday 11.40-1.40 slot.

Fresh batches are available from 1st September for Sunday batch

And 7th September for Saturday Batch.

Fees for the Program

Rs 8400 per quarter( Each module)
A pre Registration Orientation can be booked by calling at 9899131356
Fresh ones available for Gurgaon centre currently.

About the Expert Praggatti Rao

All sessions in Gurgaon will be  taken by Praggatti Rao who is a Psychologist, Advanced life Coach and Neurological Transformation Expert. Praggatti’s most loved NLPLeadership Modules since 2007, help the kids consider the power of questions, global metaphors, positive presuppositions, Transformational vocabulary and new age beliefs & values. By what they know, they get sure of their impact and influence as a confident individuals! This flagship leadership program- IamIcan (ages8-16years) is the most trusted, unique & scientific intervention to help kids and young adults take charge of life scenarios effectively.

Her trainings have been awarded by Dr Kiran Bedi in 2010-11 and her work has been featured in various national level TV channels. She has been awarded as The outstanding Leader in Education and learning by National Association for Trainings and de apartment of HRD in February 2019. She has been awarded as The Women of Influence- in Leadership category on International Womens Day in March2019. She has been chosen for upcoming Gurgaon Acheivers Award in July 2019 Her work has also been approved by the coveted magazine Entreprenuer and Another award in Leadership Development awaits her in July 2019.


Few Feedbacks of the Programme:

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