My Journey of First Pregnancy

My Journey of First Pregnancy

Maternity is a blessing, that fills joy in your life as well as in your family. A woman is incomplete without the blessing of nature’s privilege of becoming a mother and nurturing the god’s gift with pure, unconditional love and care. Lucky are those who go through this journey and achieve their bundle of joy.

After 9 months of my marriage, I came to know that I have conceived after seeing the two pink lines. I was very happy and could not believe and the next day I visited my gynecologist and it was confirmed. Me and my husband shared this ‘GOOD NEWS ‘ with everyone at home. They too were happy as they were also waiting for this day.

Then started all the advices, suggestions from the elders, family members and the near ones. Do this , do that, how to walk, how to sit, what to eat, what not to eat and many more. The first trimester was very horrible for me. Morning sickness, tiredness, sleepiness, heat burn, and the aroma while preparing paranthas in breakfast irritated me the most. Whatever I ate was thrown out. But thank god this vomiting issue was only for few days. My Mother-in -law took proper care of my diet and rest. She was always there to stop me from running upstairs, carrying weight( which I always forgot), standing high on chairs or stool. But the sleepiness and tiredness lasted till the second trimester along with feet ache.

From 7 months I could feel clearly a tiny creature in my womb who kicked in my belly and would alert me of his presence.

The phase of nervousness started as I stepped in my last month. My mother-in-law would not leave me alone or unattended for a second and took extra care.

Well, these nine months I followed all the precautions, diet, doctor’s advice and then came the big day ‘My delivery’. I was admitted to the hospital and after going through labour pains of 8 hrs the time came when I gave birth to my first child a baby boy. It was a new life for me as it is said a mother is born when a child is born. The pains I was going through were so immense that I just prayed to GOD to take me out of this. But after holding my bundle of joy in my arms all the pain, all the worst things I went through in this journey were nothing in front of my tiny baby. That awesome feeling which can’t be described in words when your angel who is the part of your body is in your hands, smiling and looking at you with his small eyes.

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Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

Hey, I am Amarjeet (Sonia Madaan), a home maker, wife of a wonderful and supportive husband, mom of two school -going boys. Whenever my sons are not around me, I get some me time which is reading and writing for me. I love to express my musings on motherhood and womanhood. I am also passionate about writing diy beauty recipes. Being a  mom blogger  has not only opened up a world of opportunity for me as well as created  friendships  that I will likely have forever. You can find me on and fb page kaurstylefile.