This New Year Shop Your Hearts Out at Kanika Kush Design House without burning a hole in your pockets

This New Year Shop Your Hearts Out at Kanika Kush Design House without burning a hole in your pockets

About Kanika Kush Design House

Founded in February 2015, by Kanika and her husband Adi, Kanika Kush Design House is a brand that ‘Celebrates India’, through art and design. With a combined qualification in architecture, design, music and business, needless to say this couple is super creative! All art is original and focuses on various emotions, aspects and snippets of India. The art is translated into gifting items like coasters, trays, notepads, boxes and framed art to cater to bulk requirements (corporate gifting, weddings, occasions)  as well as individual ones. These are reasonably priced items starting from 500/- to 2000 /-

Then there are unique items like art on furniture, bottled art, plated art, Commissioned art and portraits that are also an integral part of the firm.

Price range begins from 2000/- for a piece of bottled art/plated Art.

And finally you have art on walls, art on fabric and customized art for varying needs of different clients.

About the Founder- Kanika Kush

With a degree in architecture and then in business, and an experience of 12 years, Kanika decided to combine her love for art and design,  into a business that was close to her heart and that made working ‘fun’. That’s how the Design House came into being. Where there are no boundaries to what can be created through pure art. The firm stands for ‘Celebrating India’ and making art affordable to each and everyone.

Essentially, the brand represents ‘Limitless Imagination’. So if you have any art or design related need, you seriously don’t have to go anywhere else!

Connect with Kanika Kush Design House
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Must Try These –

A single person framed portrait on A4 – Rs.1300 Rs 1500

A couple portrait on A3 – Rs. 3000/  Rs 3500

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