Learn Acrylic Paintings, Magic Show Workshop and Attend THETA HEALING Seminar

Learn Acrylic Paintings, Magic Show Workshop and Attend THETA HEALING Seminar

Art Pass

Experience 5 different Art Forms – Acrylic Painting, Caricature, Doodling, Paper Cutting and Fine Line sketching, taught by best in-class instructors for Rs 199. Complete video recordings will also be provided for each of the workshops.

To register click here: https://www.hobbi.fun/discover/art-pass-5-workshops-for-inr-199-only/


Seminar on March 9th to 12th, 2022.

It is 4 days of being in the frequency of Unconditional Love and Empowering yourself with the Theta frequency .

Are you willing to choose this new life?

👁‍🗨 Learn through practice, how to connect with the “Creator of All That Is”
👁‍🗨 Experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator to align your life’s purpose .
👁‍🗨 Learn to identify your own beliefs as well as others’ and to practice pulling these beliefs from subconscious mind
👁‍🗨 Experience key topics & ideas that are basic for healing at Theta frequency.
👁‍🗨 Learn to do healing and Reading for yourself and others .
👁‍🗨 Learn to open your chakras and psychic senses, Sharpen and awaken your intuitive/psychic abilities
👁‍🗨 Learn how to find out Belief system behind your problems & how to get to the bottom of it .
👁‍🗨 Learn how to download feelings 👁‍🗨 Learn the seven planes of existence & its concepts
👁‍🗨 Learn about Guardian angels , how to remove psychic attacks / Wayward spirits etc
👁‍🗨 Learn the concept of Soul Mates & How to attract them. Discover about Soul fragments & how to retrieve soul fragments
👁‍🗨 Learn Manifestation & DNA Activation techniques
👁‍🗨 Internationally recognised certifications from the THINK academy.

Course fees is 35400 RS and you are allowed to revise the course any no of times.

3. Magic Workshop

10 magic tricks will be taught in this workshop from which students can perform 15 min magic show.
Age limit – 8 years – No upper limit

Price – 2,499 rs which includes 10 tricks, postal charge all over india, lifetime free guidance for shows and to reach next level.

Offer – Who joins this workshop from Mompreneur Circle will get one magic show background music cd for free with MAGIC WAND.

Workshop Duration – 8 hours. In Microsoft teams or offline (Bangalore).
Contact- 9945778294

About The Expert

Raksha Nayak, a professional Magician started her magic journey 25 years back when she was in 5th standard.

She is trained by Magician Kudroli Ganesh (India’s got talent fam). Later she managed to learn new tricks myself. I do continous 2 hours stage show. With more than 1200 students across the world she is doing magic workshop every 15 days.

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