A Letter to my son on his 3rd Birthday

A Letter to my son on his 3rd Birthday

I thought my parenting journey will get more easier when you grow but I miss those days when you were not able to do anything without me. I am happy also that you are grown up now.

Oh! you are 3 now.

It feels like yesterday when you were born. It was Thursday July 9th, 2015. I just went to hospital for general check up and I was diagnosed with odema and high BP that day and was told to go back to home, pack your bags have dinner and come back to hospital. I had a fear of labor pain but was also happy to meet you the next day.

Next morning, I was induced with labor. After waiting  for 24 hours I got pains which were hard to digest. In a matter of 11 hours I was super nervous but excited  to be a mommy, finally  feeling over the moon with happiness that someone will call me ”mama”.

You just arrived at 8 PM. You were the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life. The very first moment I saw you, I fell in love with you. It was happiest day for us. After staying 5 days in hospital we were finally ready to brought our little munchkin in our home.

I have been calling you ‘horse” because you used to move your hands and legs like horse alot.

Our life has totally changed in the course of these three years.

We love you our son. You bring happiness in our life. Whenever I feel sad, I simply look at you and you bring a smile on my face. You make us laugh with your talks. Your cooking sessions with me I love the most.

Yes, sometimes I act strict because I always want to raise you as good human being just like your dad.

You are our everything. You mean world to us. You are growing from baby to kid and you will be able to do everything on your own(as you still do)but still you will and you are always a baby for me.

We love you from heart and soul.

Happy 3rd birthday my little talkative monkey.

Priyanka Arora

Priyanka Arora, an ordinary home maker with an extra ordinary passion of doing something different..mother of proud son who teach me joy of parenting..love to help others ..creativity is my job which i want to put in everything either in household chores or in parenting