How Important is Women’s Financial Health Post Pregnancy?

How Important is Women’s Financial Health Post Pregnancy?

The biggest change that happens in a women’s life is once she becomes pregnant. Everything changes from her body to her mind to her financial status. Much has been said and written about the physical health and mental health of a lady during and after pregnancy. How about addressing the issue of Financial Health, as Pre and Post Pregnancy, much of the financial changes takes place in one’s life and more so, in a women’s, life.

Reality of life – Money matters, whether Men or Women, whether you are single or married, a career woman or homemaker, a mother or not a mother, you need to take charge of your financial affairs. Managing your money wisely is a prerequisite for financial comfort.

Once we become a mother, we go on our maternity leave and at times, depending on the support that we have, we need to take a decision do even quit our job to take care of the baby.

Motherhood as it is, takes a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. To add to it, imagine a situation, where you are further dependent financially. Your salary is not coming as you have quit your work, you did not plan your investments, hence you don’t have much saving.  All this leads to you being irritable and frustrated all the time.

So now, you are tired, you are emotionally drained out and to make things worse, you are not financially independent. What should I do, like how you planned for everything, make a financial plan. Set your goals, meet a financial advisor, who would help you achieve your goals and in situations like these, where for the interim you are not working. Learn to make your money work for you.

While we are deciding on our doctor, our hospital, all the things that we would need for our baby, make financial planning a part of your life.

Women are excelling in every aspect of life, except personal financial investments.

A study commissioned by a large fund house reported that about 77 per cent of working women in India depend on their father or spouse to make investment decisions for them. Of the other 23 per cent, 18 per cent are single working women. “Most women are only informed of investment decisions already taken or are, at best, joint decision makers… The main reason why women don’t take investment decisions is that they are safety-oriented and reluctant to take risk,” the report noted.

Why do Women Avoid Investment Decisions or entering Financial Markets?

  1. Pre-conceived notions that Money matters are to be manged by the Men folk
  2. No involvement hence, lack of knowledge
  3. Lack of confidence to take the risk
  4. Still a man’s world
  5. Have many goals but the quantitative aspect is left to men

All the above mentioned, are myths and its high time women break these myths by following the principles of investment planning

The guiding principles of investing are, start early, have a long-term plan and invest regularly. These principles are same for men and women. So, why do women have special investment needs?

If you look at the life patterns of women, you’ll see that:

  • Change in Demographics – Prefer to be single, Marry Late, would like to be independent
  • Women tend to live longer than men.
  • Their careers are interrupted by family needs
  • Most Often, women prefer a conservative investment strategy.

All the above indicates that Women need to be empowered to take Independent and joint Financial Decisions. They are already great planners and have a disciplined approach why not use it to be financially Independent?

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta, is a management graduate with specialization in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Over 17 years of corporate experience in the field of Wealth Management & Advising clients across industries. Akta Sehgal is the Manas behind Manas Management Advisors.