What are the Effects of screen time on Kids and Tips to Limit screen time

What are the Effects of screen time on Kids and Tips to Limit screen time

What is screen time

Screen time is the time when your child use electronic screens. These screens can be smartphones, iPad, television, computer and video games.

Is it good or bad?

Everything has its own pros and cons. While screen time is a source of entertainment and education but it has many bad effects.

Effects of screen time on Kids

  1. Childhood obesity

Worst effect of screen time is childhood obesity. It keeps kids seated for longer period which results in less physical activities and  increase the problem of obesity.

  1. Change in behavior

The more the kid is  involved in screen time, more he will become aggressive. You can also see lot of changes in the child’s  behavior . Kids tend to become cranky, irritated and start throwing tantrums.

  1. Less energy

Kids who spend most of their time in using screen always have low energy.

  1. Strain on eyes and brain

Screen time has very bad effect on eyes.It Increase the chances of having eyesight number. It also put strain on Brain. Always allow to watch in limit.

How much Screen time should be allowed?

Kids below 2 years should not allowed to watch screens but as they naturally attract towards pictures, sounds so it is fine to allow them to watch for a shorter period. Kids in the age group of 2-5 should not watch screens more than 1 hour per day.

Tips to Limit screen time

  1. Be a role model

Kids follow the  path of their parents.Be a role model to them. If they see you reading a book they will do that but if you spend most of your time on gadgets or phones you can’t stop them.

  1. Set a time limit

Set a time limit for screen time. Allow them to watch one show after school and one in evening. Follow that routine strictly. Keep an eye also what kids are watching.

  1. Engage in activities

Engage your kids in different activities to keep them busy. Give blocks, flashcards, colors, colorful bottles to keep them busy.

  1. Play with your child

Best tip to Limit their screen time is to play with your child. Involve them in outdoor activities. Play Bat Ball, badminton call kids you can play hide and Seek, take them in parks . Spend your free time with them.

  1. Screen free meal

Most of families eat their meals while watching TV which is wrong. Have your meal together without screen and enjoy meal by talking to each other.So follow screen free meal rule

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