Must Read Children Book on World Yoga Day

Must Read Children Book on World Yoga Day

In this technology and gadget driven world, it has become imperative to teach our kids the importance of health and yoga. Here is a quick sneak peek into a wonderful book by Anita Raina Thapan and Alankrita which kept us occupied for the whole of afternoon today trying some asanas.

The author-illustrator duo have done a stupendous work in describing aasanas like Shavasana, Vrikshasana, Parvatasana, Marjari Asana, Vyaghrasana , Simhasana, Ushtrasana, Balasana and so on in a very child friendly manner. These asanas have been explained in a lucid rhyming manner. A big shout to Alankrita for her wonderful illustrations that bring magic and instigates the child to imitate and do the various asanas. The asanas selected have been connected to nature, animals and plants which keeps the children hooked onto them. For example, Vrikshasana has been described as a dynamic tree pose. The description is as follows:

“I am a little seed in the ground,

Slowly I grow and become a tree.

My arms are branches spread around,

My legs the trunk, my fingers the leaves”.

It goes on to describe how with the wind one needs to bend to right and then to left and again to the right. These combined with refreshing and attractive illustrations make it a delightful read. The author has used movement, rhyme and breathing to introduce concepts of concentration, physical fitness and relaxation. The book ends up with a beautiful message to eat healthy drink water, share and exercise regularly.

Anisha Bajaj

Anisha Bajaj, a passionate mother of two, runs a children's book library in Mumbai. Having pursued BBA, CFA and MS(Finance), she has worked with top MNCs in the past. However, motherhood opened up a new world of books to her. She is on a mission to spread the joy of learning from books with fellow moms and to encourage kids to spend lesser time on gadgets and screens. She has also made story contributions to a children book called " My hopscotch journey- A Pari's Tale". Recently she has joined the editorial team for a monthly children magazine called BeyondClassrooms".