Pause and Think…. Are you still Human?

Pause and Think…. Are you still Human?

The sun shines to the best of its ability thus filling the prevailing atmosphere with mirth and gaiety. The city of joy- Kolkata again bustles up with the din of its noisy humdrum. The busy traffic signal whizzes past, the crowd runs a rat race towards something or nothing at all! Yet to utter dismay not one soul cares to halt, sensitize, feel and ponder about the lady who sits there all day and may be all night over the heap of stones near VIP crossing at Kestopur..staring at some distant vacant point.

Her attire and appearance would frighten you. She is donned with a considerable amount of criss-cross of wrinkles across her face. Her unkempt, grey hair ways wildly in the strong breeze. If examined closely on can sight the colony of lice running here and there over her forehead. Multiple layers of dirt and filth over her face-“Does she even recall her original skin color?”-one can wonder! Round red pieces of bangles adorn her meek wrist jingle as she claps her hand at the sight of a school bus. “Could she have been educated in her past?”. The sacred-bangles! Are a clue that she might have been married and happy –once upon a good time !. She gets up, her torn and tattered attire showcases ‘unwilling obscenity’. As she tries to walk in vain , she is compelled to sit down again with a jerk, agonizing in pain as she keeps her hand over her genital area. Oh! What could have been the cause that pain?-a brutal or many brutal sexual abuses that follow and haunt her every single night as she sits over her heap of stones unguarded and unprotected, her bare flesh serving as a prey to the vicious drooling wolves who cannot take charge of their lust and hunger.

This is a plight of a single ‘mentally-ill, destitute woman who dwells under the night sky of a so called incredible India.There are flying rumors that some drunkards put over her face a mask of some Bollywood actor (because they were disgusted of her filthy face) and gangraped her!! When this true/untrue (nobody bothered to find out) news reached the people- a striking majority ‘laughed out loud’at the innovative idea of the bollywood mask! Has humanity lost all its essence?

With this post I attempt to spread awareness about the deplorable and sporadic conditions of our nation(dipped in modernization) among the public comprising of ‘you’ and ‘me’. Also, you may call it a request or a reminder of duty as a responsible youth of nation I request the government bodies or functioning NGOs to take necessary actions towards rehabilitation of the ‘mentally retarded- sexually abused women of Indian streets’. So the next time you see such a woman… instead of “ewww” and passing lewd comments, for a change lets compassion her, feel her pain, imagine the horrid conditions through which she must have battled, try to look for the “lady” in her and waste no time in spreading awareness about her (that is the most we at our level can do) so that people in power can help these ‘children of a lesser god’.

Twarita Mukherjee

I come from the land of Tagore. An IT employee by job, mother of a sweet girl by God's grace and writer by heart.