Foolish Girl – Episode 1

Foolish Girl – Episode 1

It is the story with which, we all can relate at some point of our life. Here the word “Foolish” doesn’t mean a stupid girl with no brains, but a girl whose foolishness is her extreme honesty, innocence, compassion, purity & love for everyone.

This story revolves around a girl called “Meethi” Who is as sweet as her name but extremely innocent.She is unaware of the hatred and cruelty of people’s conspiracies around her. She is a victim of jealousy, hatred, disrespect, brutal mental torture, black magic and Frauding. Inspite of all these things, What saved her was the divine connection of Meethi with her Almighty “ALLAH .”From the time She was an innocent kid, She had the habit of pouring down her emotions on a piece of paper and making it fly in the air to her ALLAH.

Meethi is a positive, kind, simple & obedient girl. She is sincere, serene & intelligent towards her studies, but yes at the same time she is foolish, lazy & slow in her works too. She is famously called foolish by all her family members because she lacks the understanding of negativity in People. She is also slow with her basic routines of life, except in her studies.

Meethi was born in a Muslim family and being a girl child, she was blessed to be born in a family where she was treated like a Princess. Her Parents wanted her to be highly educated and independent. She lives a very protected and sheltered life. At the age of 25 she gets married to a rich and wealthy family. This is the time when Meethi’s actual journey of life unfolds.

Meethi is married to a family of 3 Brothers who are into the same business. They are in actual 5 brothers but they all had no terms with the other two elder brothers over the issue of father’s property. Meethi is welcomed in the family by her Guardian Sister in law (Shehla Bhabhi)and  Brother in Law (Masoom Bhai). Masoom Bhai is the 3rd elder brother of Meethi’s Husband. The 3 brother’s live in the same Building which are their own independent houses. Among the 3 Brothers living together, Masoom bhai and his wife Shehla bhabhi are the owners of the Business & the guardian of Meethi and her Husband ( Rahbar). Rahbar is the youngest among all the Brothers. The 4th elder Brother Pappu Bhai and his wife Shabnam bhabhi are also the members of the family and their guardians are also the same.

Meethi’s Engagement, Marriage & Receptions were very grand. It was like a dream marriage for Meethi.

 Her Nikaah & Marriage at the venue is over & now it’s the time for Ruksati which is also called (Bidaai) in Hindi. Meethi & Rahbar are accompanied with all the immediate women relatives of their sides to the bridegroom’s decorated car. Meethi is hugging her mother and crying .She is holding the hands of her brothers and sisters and crying. Meethi is very sad to leave her family & all her loved ones beside. Meethi is then made to sit in the car by her Mother & Brother’s with the Holy Book of Quran in Meethi’s hand. Rahbar now enters the car and sits beside Meethi. Within a few minutes Shabnam bhabhi comes and sits beside Rahbar in the car, while the 1st seat of the car in the front remains empty. Meethi is uncomfortable in the car as there is not enough space to move. Rahbar is quietly sitting in the middle of Meethi & Shabnam bhabhi by his sides.

Meethi & Rahbar reaches the House .They are welcomed on the 1st night of their marriage by Shehla bhabhi in a very big & posh flat. Meethi is all decked up in Bridal dress & enters the new flat. Shehla bhabhi is present in the new flat with Roshan api (Rahbar’s sister)& the video grapher.Shabnam bhabhi also joins them. Shehla bhabhi does all the welcome rituals of Meethi & Rahbar and takes them to their decorated bedroom of flowers. Rahbar is stopped by Roshan api at the gate of the bedroom and is asked to pay Money so that he can enter with his bride Meethi into the bedroom. This was again a traditional custom & ritual performed by the Bridegroom’s sister in their family. All these special moments of rituals & customs were  recorded by the video grapher. Rahbar smiles and pretends not to agree with Roshan api. Shehla bhabhi steps in and says something to Roshan api.Roshan api is happy and goes down.Rahbar and Meethi are now allowed to enter the bedroom. Shehla bhabhi makes Meethi and  Rahbar sit on the bed and leaves the place. After some time Rahbar also leaves the place and Meethi is alone in the bedroom.

After a span of few minutes Shehla bhabhi and Shabnam bhabhi comes back to Meethi and asks her to relax. Meethi wants to feel light so she takes out all her gold ornaments and keeps it in her Handbag, She then takes out her Nath ( Nose dangler) and tries to wear a nose ring but she is not able to put it in her nose as her nose is bleeding. Her nose is swollen because a month ago before her marriage, she got her nose pierced so it was not properly healed. Shehla bhabhi and Shabnam bhabhi comes for Meethi’s help. Shehla bhabhi asks Shabnam bhabhi to help Meethi wear the nose ring. She takes the nose ring from Meethi and tries to put it in her nose. Meethi screams in pain but Shehla bhabhi tells Meethi to take Allah’s name and bear the pain. Meethi is unable to bear the pain so Shehla bhabhi tells Shabnam bhabhi to leave the nose ring. Rahbar comes into the bedroom. Shehla bhabhi once again leaves the place and goes away. Shabnam bhabhi too leaves the bedroom and is standing outside.

Rahbar sits on the bed while Meethi takes out her face wash, toiletries & Night dress from the suitcase. Rahbar helps Meethi in locking the suitcase and keeping it back. Meethi asks Shabnam bhabhi about the washroom. She shows Meethi, the washroom. Meethi now sees the flat properly & is shocked to see the big rooms and long passage on her way to washroom. She goes inside the washroom, cleans up her make up and changes her dress. She is confused where to keep all the toiletries and Bridal dress.She asks Shabnam bhabhi about this , to which she replies that its all her place so she can keep her things anywhere ,she feels like. Meethi leaves all the toiletries inside the washroom and carries her Bridal dress to her bedroom. Rahbar is sitting there on the bed and is waiting for Meethi. Meethi comes inside and Rahbar locks the bedroom gate. Meethi then sits beside Rahbar. Rahbar comes close to Meethi and initiates the talk. He asks Meethi about her studies and interests. Meethi becomes engaged with Rahbar in the talk& then suddenly she tells Rahbar that she wants to go to washroom. Rahbar tells her to go so Meethi opens the bedroom gate and she is once again shocked to see Shabnam bhabhi sleeping in the other room. When Meethi comes out of the bedroom, Shabnam bhabhi is peeping from the other room. Meethi finds this awkward and goes straight to the washroom. Meethi comes back from the washroom in hurry and sees that Shabnam bhabhi & Pappu bhai are in the other room. They are both sleeping on a bed mattress placed on the floor.

Meethi comes inside the bedroom and tells Rahbar about this.

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