Pin Wheel Rolls :: A Healthy snack for your Kids

Pin Wheel Rolls :: A Healthy snack for your Kids

Ah! Its summers again …and moreover it’s vacation time. Kids are at home and demanding for something tasty and refreshing, something different. You don’t want to disappoint them, but you want to serve them something that has all ingredients of good health. So worry not here’s a recipe for a deliciously yummy, healthy and attractive snack for your Kids.

2 decades ago I’d learned this recipe in my home science class. Later I forgot. Then back in recent years during a kid’s get together while thinking about a three course meal, I thought of a snack that has chilling tendency but should be tasty too. The lesson taught in my teens came as a saviour. I made this lip smacking snack for my kid and his friends. And it brought a sense of pride and satisfaction when all kids praised and eat it with all their heart and love.

From that day it became my son’s favourite snack. He used to demands to make this delicious and healthy dish for him. I want to share the recipe of same with you.

So shall we start.

First… we go with collecting all the ingredients

  1. Milk bread 8 pieces ….all without corners
  2. 8 Cheese Slices
  3. Mayonnaise of your own choice.
  4. Green Mint and coriander chutney
  5. Butter
  6. Carrot grated
  7. Beetroot grated and squeezed
  8. Cucumber grated and squeezed

Now we’ll start making this yummy lip smacking snack.

  1. Take each bread slice to flatten it with a roller.(probably with a belan, your daily helper).
  2. Arrange breads in a trail, putting them on each other at extreme end. Now flatten them again in a go.
  3. Spread butter equally on this trail. Then spread mayonnaise of your Kids choice. Now spread green chutney. (Pls spread these ingredients in same order as I mentioned otherwise if u spread chutney or mayo before it will make bread soggy and they’ll start breaking.)
  4. Now it’s time to spread veggies. First spread carrot, the cucumber and then beetroot.
  5. Last but not the least, put cheese slices, that too in trail.
  6. Now, press little and very cautiously start rolling bread from one end to other.
  7. Take a foil paper put this and other rolls(make as many as u want), wrap them and put them into refrigerator for cooling.
  8. Almost after half an hour bring rolls out. Take out each roll and cut them into wheels of 1 inches or thickness of your choice.
  9. Aweeeiii…look at the inner color of the wheel it. How beautiful it’s looking!? I know your mouth is filled with water to have it.

But wait …

Its plating time :

Take cherries and some toothpicks . Pin the sharp part of the toothpick into cherry, while on other your wheeled sandwich. Set them in a plate.


You can set all the wheels in a plate sprinkle some bujiya namkeen and coriander leaves on it.  You are already to serve this mouthwatering, delicious and healthy snack.'

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