Easy to make Dessert Recipes for coming Festivals

Easy to make Dessert Recipes for coming Festivals

Here are the easy to make desserts recipes for festive season

  1. Yogurt Fruitcream Recipe


Hung curd : 2cup

Powdered sugar : 1cup

Fresh cream :1cup

Vannila essence : ¾ tbspn

Fruits as required(cut and sliced)

Banana :1



Green grapes:1cup

Black grapes:1cup



Mix hung curd with cream and beat it for 5 to 10 min. Now add iced sugar and again blend it for some time. Add vanilla essence and mix well. Take all sliced fruits and mix them in creamy batter.Garnish it with jam/Choco chips and serve chilled.

2. Strawbery Phirni Recipe





Almonds(blanched, peeled, sliced): 6to8

Green cardamom powder:1/2tspn

Fresh strawberries:10to12

Pistachio: 8to10

Fresh strawberries for garnishing


Soak rice in sufficient water for half an hour. Drain and grind it to a coarse paste. Get milk to boil. Add rice paste and stir well. Add sugar, almonds, cardamom powder. Stir till the milk turns a little thick. Then pour phirni in a bowl and let it for ten minutes. Then add strawberries and mix it well. Garnish it with pista and strawberries. Then refrigerate for one hour and serve chilled.

3. Strawberry Oreo Dessert Recipe


Strawberry jelly 1packet

Fresh cream: 250gms

Oreo biscuits:as required

Strawberry (cut into long stripes):as required

Chopped apple : 1/2cup

Chopped banana:1/2cup


Prepare jelly. Allow it cool down to room temperature. Add fresh cream in prepare cool down jelly liquid. Remove cream from Oreo biscuits and blend biscuits in the blender to make powder. Put a layer of Oreo powder in serving dish and freeze it in freezer so that it settles down. Mix all fruits in jelly and cream mixture as required. Pour mixture and serving dish above Oreo layer. Refrigerate it so that it settles. Garnish it with fresh strawberries and Oreo powder.

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