Sattu Ke Ladoo: A Healthy and Nutritious Recipe for your Monsoon cravings

Sattu Ke Ladoo: A Healthy and Nutritious Recipe for your Monsoon cravings

“ Rim jhim gire swaan sulag sulag jaye man bheege aaj iss mausam me lagi kaisi yeh agan”

Monsoon is almost here. It is that time of the year  when we feel like roaming around in the city, enjoy the heavy downpours of rain with our taste buds  demanding something titbit, savory and spicy. Ummhh….yummy vegetable pakodas with mint chutney and one cutting masala tea.

But, wait …..we can’t have them everyday as they can elevate the problems of indigestion and other food/stomach related problems. During monsoons our body need extra care as compared to summer as humidity and moisture level is high.

What should we eat during monsoons is everyone’s major concern. Moms are concerned 24/7 inorder to decide what healthy treat to be given to kids during monsoons.

This gave me an idea to share one such recipe with you. Its nutritious contents will not only improve your immune system but also give your saliva a treat.

Sattu ke laddoo

Yes, Sattu. A flour consisting mixture of ground pulses and cereals. A very common flour around states of northern and eastern India. The flour is easily available at all grocery stores.

Sattu has the cooling tendency, that is why, in some parts of the country it is also served as a welcome drink. Some use it as a filling ingredient in stuffed paranthas or puri/kachori. You all must have heard of litti chokha, litti has Sattu in it.

Now, along with Sattu we need Desi Ghee, grinded Sugar and dry fruits of your own choice.

  • Well, we will start with roasting of sattu flour. I know it’s summer and humid so it’s not easy to roast any flour on stove. I used microwave, of course I need to check it almost after every three to four minutes. But as compared to using stove it’s an easy task. When the flour almost turned dark brown, bring it to cool down.

After few minutes check whether it is at normal temperature or still have some heat. In the meantime grind Sugar. If you have  powdered sugar (bhura as commonly known) then use it. You can also use shakkara( jaggery powder). Bhura and shakkara will provide you more nutrition than Sugar powder. Even a diabetic person can easily eat these laddoos.

  • Make small chunks of dry fruits you want to add to these laddoos. Let’s start making laddoo now. First add sugar and dry fruits.
  • Now start pouring ghee with one hand and mix it well with the flour with another. Keep on checking in between whether a laddoo is forming or not i.e if the mixture is forming a tight shape then it has become a perfect mixture if not keep on adding ghee.

Ok, now you have the perfect mixture to make laddoos. Gently give this mixture shape of a sphere, a perfect shaped laddoo. Keep your palm loose while making them.

Tasting time!!  Aren’t they taste yummy. They are perfect meal for your monsoon cravings. Good for the health of every member of a family.

Try them and don’t forget to share your feedback. I’m waiting.

( P.S.  I am not telling quantity here, because you might have your own measures and need, depending upon the size of the family or you might love to make it in kgs)'

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