Are You Someone Who is Planning to Postpone Periods?

Are You Someone Who is Planning to Postpone Periods?

Postponing menstrual periods is a very well known reality in India. Be it for trips/vacations, religious purposes, family functions or any other reason, it’s an indispensible part of a woman’s life.

So, here are some pointers to consider before delaying your periods:

1. Know the physiology : Human body is governed by genetics and well kept functioning by hormones which regulates menses. So, before taking pills, consider you are altering the hormones which should not be done for long term else some long term side effects may pop up.

2. Types of pills: Most of them are nor ethisterone pills. They should not be taken for more than 17 days at a stretch and must be avoided in patients with medical history of thrombosis.

Combined contraceptive pills too can delay periods and should not be taken for more than 3 months at a stretch and must be avoided in migraine patients.

3. Talk to spouse : While most of the women generally take it without talking to spouse, they should be also aware of the fact that these hormonal pills are dealing with hormonal balance and should remain well aware of the effects. Some spouses can also bare their wives on popping of these pills just because of some ‘ Unpure’ fact.

4. Consult gynaecologist: Every person’s body is different and one should consult her gynaecologist every time before taking these pills after giving proper menstrual cycle history and medical history.

5. Stay away from non scientific methods : Internet has many suggestions like taking gelatin or vinegar to delay menses. Staying away from them means avoiding the unforeseen danger very well.

Whilst it’s not advised to delay periods, but somehow if the situation arises, consider the above pointers inspite of just talking to friends, neighbors or relative

Nupur Gupta