Pregnant Wife and Child on a cart, pulled by a Migrant Worker for 700km

Pregnant Wife and Child on a cart, pulled by a Migrant Worker for 700km

The ever extending lockdown has resulted in many obstacles to human kind and one of them is the very issue standing like a wall in front of migrant workers who are struggling to survive among the privileged living in their safe city havens making them desperate to pack their bags and leave for their hometowns. But since there is no commute  available, a majority of them have turned to covering miles on feet. This poignant episode of  a migrant worker was seen dragging a makeshift cart, carrying his 8-month pregnant wife and a child is a clear indication of that. The video encapsulated attention on all social media platforms.

Ramu, a young husband,father and migrant worker from Madhya Pradesh struggling to survive in the urban concrete jungle decided to leave for his hometown in Balaghat, but the lack of commute made him desperate to cover miles of asphalt and gravel barefooted. This conditioned Ramu to make a makeshift cart out of wood in the middle of their journey and pulled his pregnant wife and a 2-year old daughter on the cart.

“I first tried to carry my daughter and walk. But it was difficult to walk the entire distance on foot with my pregnant wife. So, I built a makeshift cart with wood and sticks I found in the jungles on the way and then pulled the cart all the way to Balaghat” Ramu told NDTV.

Tuesday was the day when  Ramu managed to make it to  his home through Maharashtra when a team of police officers lead by sub-divisonal officer Nitesh Bhargava offered his family some food and biscuits. They provided the daughter with a pair of slippers as well.

The police team didn’t hesitate to fulfill their duty and got the family undergo a medical check-up before coming in contact with other people in the hometown. They  arranged them conveyance till their village in Balaghat, where they were suggested to be self-quarantined for 14 days. This was their protocol stated and practiced by the administration to take no risks of  spreading  the deadly virus.'

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