Summer Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Summer is a time when you would want to just relax and chill under the tree, play in the pool or take a stroll near a beach. And, in a moment to enjoy these activities, we often ignore our skin.

Sun burn, tan, back acne, uneven skin tone(s) are some common problem we face during this season… We, the women’s are the busiest person in the universe… trying to maintain balance in the surroundings

I am going to talk about few remedies which you adopt to let your skin feel rejuvenated.

Rule 5

Wondering’s what this remedy is … It’s nothing special, but the wonderful rule of 5minutes more in the bathroom. Though, these days, there are multiple products available in the market for the skin care. But, the most important ingredient you need for your skin care is TIME. Yes, Time… Just get 5 minutes out of your schedule to deal with all your skin problems.

Please ensure you use that special 5 minutes using good exfoliators according to your skin type. And, if you are lucky to squeeze in another 5 minutes for yourself, never ignore the use of cream based face wash or a cleanser.

Mask Sheets

Face and neck mask sheets are becoming rage these days… And, I was surprised to find out that some Korean Mask sheets are specially made for Indian skin and easily available in Health and Glow and premium beauty stores across the places. You can make use of these mask sheets which does moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin. Do give them a try on weekends if weekdays are completely packed. They do need good 10-20 minutes. You can also try The Face Shop or Dear Packers Mask sheets available on Nykaa. You might get lucky to find some discount or offers on these face mask sheets.

Wipes + Water

This combo works like milk and cookies… Always carry a wet wipes pack, if possible…. Use Aloevera and lemon based wet wipes for your skin and a small bottle of rose water. Use this combination when you take small break from your office chair. You can simply do it sitting in your chair in office, if comfortable. And, do have a chilled refreshing glass of water after this….I am sure you will feel much better.

Malai Raja

So, every now and then you enter kitchen and meet the super shiny milky white MALAI RAJA on top of the boiled/chilled milk. In case, if you can miss putting that malai in the box for ghee later… please use it on your face. Give your skin some natural moisturizing which also helps you clear dead skin and make your skin supper soft.

I am sure these few tips would help your skin feel rejuvenated and you attain good skin “inner peace”.

Do let me know, if you are going to inculcate any of these remedies in your routine.

Happy Skin Happy You!!

Apurva Sharma

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