World Menstrual Hygiene Day- Hygienic Ways that every women should follow during menstruation

World Menstrual Hygiene Day- Hygienic Ways that every women should follow during menstruation

In nature, the ability to give life to a child is something that has been given as a blessing by god only to women. A woman becomes capable of bearing a child only after she starts menstruating. In female reproductive system the central portion is called uterus on other side of it are two ovaries. several thousands of eggs are present in the ovary. Every month, or every 21 to 40 days, one egg is released from any one of the ovaries. This egg travels through the fallopian tube and goes into the uterus.

This process of egg being released from the ovary is called OVULATION. As the egg enters the fallopian tube, the uterus prepares itself to receive the egg, and thickens it walls. These walls are covered by several tiny blood vessels only after a woman has developed mentally and physically i.e. after the age of 18, it is recommended to get her married. Just as women have eggs, men have sperms. Once there is sexual contact between a man and a women, the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm come together in the uterus, and fertilize to start the process of a child being born. The inner layer of the uterus is filled with nutrients to help the growing baby. But in case the egg and sperm do not unite, then fertilization does not take place, and the inner lining of the uterus come out of the vagina as menstrual blood. This bleeding duration is menstruation. This entire process is called a MENSTRUAL CYCLE.


Usually, women have the habit of washing and reusing the cloth, But if this cloth is washed using insufficient water or without soap and then dried in the absence of sunlight, then it could lead to skin infections, and these are not hygiene Sanitary napkins are convenient to use because such napkins are meant for a single use after which they have to be discarded.

A sanitary pad is made of three layers. The bottom layer comes in contact with the undergarment, and is made of plastic. The middle layer has the ability to absorb the blood flow and prevent leakage. The upper layer comes in contact with the body, and helps to keep the skin dry. One pad must only be used for 6 to 8 hours after that it must be changed. Used pad should be wrapped in old paper and throw in dustbin.


During menstruation, girls must wash their vagina and surroundings areas and keep them clean at all times else it will leads to infection. It should also cause rashes and bad odor. After passing urine, motion or changing pad/cloth you must ensure that your hands are washed to prevent bacterial infections. During menstruation playing, running, jumping or riding a bicycle need not be restricted. Regardless of whichever activities you undertake during this time, make sure that it does not harm your health and hygiene.

Menstruation is certainly not an impure process, it is not unholy or impure. It is natural process created to help women bear children and continue the life cycle.

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