What are the unique gifts that I can give to my husband on this Karwa Chauth?

What are the unique gifts that I can give to my husband on this Karwa Chauth?

Ladies shouldn’t always be the ones to get gifts during Karva chauth right? So if you are one of those sweet wives who are planning to surprise their husband with a gift this Karva chauth then don’t worry as we have got your back with the list of 10 Gifts when you can give your husbands and surprise them this Karva Chauth.

1. Explosion box

The gift box will explode once opened, and reveal all the love you put into it. The “Explosion Box” is beautifully designed and decorated so that you can save some of the most memorable photos between the two of you. Rather than giving material goods, this is a special way to cherish beautiful moments . Explosion boxes are extremely personal and close to the heart kind of gifts. You can make it yourself or get it made from an online or offline store.

2. Personalised Snow Globe

Get your husband a personalized snow globe as a Karva Chauth gift and he’ll love it. You can customize it by having the picture of the both of you together inside the globe. To add a nice touch you can get more than one picture added. So when shaked , it’ll replace one picture with another. Gift this to your husband and see the huge smile spread across his face as he sees the snow dance around your picture.

3. Wooden or Glass Plaque

Memories are etched forever with personalised engraved wooden photo or glass plaque. This engraved plaque is another fantastic gift option for this Karva Chauth. Made out of real birch wood, the photo shared will be engraved on the block of wood giving it a 3D effect. You can also go for a glass engraving if that’s what you like. You can even write a small note on the plaque further customizing it to suit your needs.

4. Homemade Cake

Making a cake by yourself shows the efforts and love that you put in making that special gift for your loved one. You can bake the cake in their favorite flavour and cut it after your fast together. If you have the right recipes in hand, the cake will be far more unique and delicious than the store-bought counterparts so do go for a homemade one made by yourself.

5. Bouquet

Gifting flowers can make men feel deeply loved and appreciated, especially when you can’t find the right words to express what you feel. Women shouldn’t have to hold back when they want to surprise the men in their lives with flowers, you can go for this idea undoubtedly and surprise your husband.

6. Love Story Desktop Caricature

A caricature is definitely a unique gift option for any occasion. Now couples no longer exchange generic gifts – it’s all about personalising it, and this desktop Love Story caricature is just that. The photo you upload will be caricatured, and you can have a personal message included in it too. Your husband can place it on his desk at his workplace or you can use it to decorate your home. You can easily get it made from a local shop or online platforms like Amazon or Instagram stores.

7. Street Food Party

Are you and your husband a die-hard fan of Indian street food? Then go crazy by ordering or cooking at home all the street food that you love. You can take help of the instant foods like Instant Pani-puri, McCain Tikki etc. From tangy and sweet to spicy and sour, include everything in your menu. Try it out, and you won’t be disappointed.

8. Watch the Moon together

Women who break their fast have to go to their terrace or to any other place from where they can see the moon. Why don’t you make it more romantic this year? You could go somewhere special to watch the moon. It could be anywhere – the beach, the mountains, or someplace which holds a great significance to the both of you. You can also get your terrace decorated and have a perfect dinner there.

9. Weekend Out

You can give yourself and your husband a weekend out by planning a trip together to the mountains or any place which is desirable to you. You can ask your husband if they don’t have anything important in advance and get all the reservations done if it suits you. This would be the most amazing surprise and would be greatly appreciated by your husband.

10. Candle light Dinner

Karva Chauth celebrates the bond shared between a husband and wife. Although times have changed, women still observe Karva Chauth because they believe in the emotions behind the tradition and want to express their love to their husband. You can arrange a candle light dinner for the two of you and enjoy your intimate time together.

So, these were the top 10 gifts which you can give your husband this Karva Chauth 2022.

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