How you can provide a great customer experience as a small business

How you can provide a great customer experience as a small business

Every customer’s preference is having a good experience, if you can provide a satisfying experience to your customers then half your work of making your business grow is done. According to a global survey it has come to be known that around 60% of people stopped buying from a business which couldn’t provide them good services. So it can be said that customer satisfaction is the key to a growing business be it a small business or large.

Following are some of the steps that you should follow to provide a good customer experience:

1. Delivering great customer experience

The foremost way to grow a business is to provide a great customer experience. This can be done by analysing every interaction that a potential customer has had with you. You have to identify ways to improve their experience at every stage. Focus on the little details as those matters the most. You must also remember to share the responsibility among yourselves instead of putting it all on the customer executives.

2. From Consideration to Purchase, Make it Seamless

You need to find out different ways in which your products can appeal to your customer. Providing a seamless experience is not about answer the queries as soon as possible, but about avoiding the need of questions in the first place. For example, when you buy a product online, the key details you’d look for are the price, delivery costs, and estimated time of delivery. By displaying these details of the product on the listing page, you’re confirming that your customers are well-informed. This reduces the chances of them going back to previous pages, getting distracted, and abandoning the transaction.

3. Align your marketing, sales, and support messages

Most customers do not appreciate explaining their requirements again and again to multiple people. As people tend to communicate with brands on social media platforms, it becomes vital that your team communicates with each other. For example the sales team should know from which campaigns your leads are coming from so that they can align the expectations of the customers and maintain a smooth conversation.

4. Tailor communication for your audience

Tailoring communication for your audience can leave lasting effects on them. All you have to do is customize the name in your emails and send birthday wishes, latest offers or festival discounts, but you also have to remember that everyone does that now. So to make a lasting impression on your customers, go beyond these simple customisations. For example, if you’re running a campaign to generate leads, make sure you have follow-up emails, support personnel, and information for leads coming through that specific campaign. This can bring to you an increase in sales as customers get notified personally about the latest deals and offers. You can also offer some small discounts or benefits to your regular customers.

5. Train your team members on empathy

Training your members about Empathy can turn out to be really beneficial for your small business in the long run. When sellers put themselves in the position of customers they are able to solve problems in a much better manner. Acknowledging their issues and trying to help them in the best possible way. Empathy is an essential skill for all employees, and especially the ones interacting with customers on a daily basis. Even if you are not able to resolve the concerns right away, a considerate response can reassure customers and encourage them to continue doing business with you.

6. Measuring Customer Success

The growth of the business is directly related to the customer success. It means that how satisfied a customer is with the product and services of the business. It is very important to understand the customer satisfaction and one of the popular methods of measuring customer success is Net Promoter Score or NPS. Under this method a simple question is asked to the customers that “How likely are you going to recommend our products to your friends or family” NPS is always a one question survey with 10 rating points. The customers who score 9-10 are promoters the customers with the scores of 6-8 are passives and those with scores of 1-5 detractors. NPS is the percentage of promoters minus detractors. NPS is a good starting point to analyze customer satisfaction. Every business should focus on fulfilling the customer satisfaction for growth of the business.

So, for providing a great customer experience it can be said that it is essential to analyze every interaction with the customers. Customers expect a smooth conversation with the business so make sure that you do not ask them to provide details about their preferences again and again as this may lead them to get frustrated and avoid interacting with you.

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