Jewellery Designs: These trendy nose rings will elevate your beauty and style

Jewellery Designs: These trendy nose rings will elevate your beauty and style

Every woman likes dressing up. Be it a religious event at home or a festive celebration married women always dress up with Kajal, bangles, maang tikka, anklets etc. Wearing a nose ring is considered to be related to good fortune in a married woman’s life. Nose ring is always worn by brides on their special day. The style of nose ring varies in different states according to their cultures. Now-a-days women carry nose rings not only on their marriage but also on festive occasions. Where earlier only married women used to wear it, now both time and trend are changing. Unmarried girls are also preferring to wear nose pins and nose rings. So if you too are thinking of wearing a nath on an occasion or festival, then you can take ideas from these stylish and trendy nose rings given below.

Maharashtrian Nose Ring/Nath

These days Ganesh Utsav is being celebrated across the country. On this occasion, especially in Maharashtra, women wear Marathi nath with Navari saree. This nath looks heavy but it is very light to wear. Colorful pearls are attached to this nath. These days this nath is also in a lot of trends. If you are also going to attend the Ganesh festival then you can try this style of nath by matching it with your outfit. This nath can be tried during wedding day or family functions to get an elegant look.

Simple Golden Nose Ring/Nath

Even today, many women wear nose rings made out of gold on their marriage, in this you can choose both heavy and simple nath according to your comfort. If you want to wear it for other functions, then you can try a small and light design with a gold nose ring. Diamonds are also attached with gold in some naths.

Rajasthani Nath

Women in Rajasthan like to wear round-large size heavy naths. Rajasthani Nath will not only complete your traditional look but will also add to your beauty. In Rajasthani Nath’s, the best work of pearl-colored stones is done. You can also carry a nose ring to get a classy look, but keep in mind that this nath is heavy, which means you can carry it comfortably only for some time.

Pearl Nose Rings

You will get to see beautiful works of pearls in Pearl Style Nath. These nose rings are also in a lot of trend these days. The chains in this are made of pearls. Young girls like it a lot. The interesting thing about this is that it is very lightweight and girls often pair it with Indo-western dress.

Kundan Nath

If you want to try something heavy and including stones, then you can also try nath made in kundan and polki style. Brides like this type of nath designs very much. If you wear Kundan Nath with a lehenga or a sari, then a different grace will come in your personality. Kundan Nath will give you a traditional royal look.

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