Who is your biggest enemy?

Who is your biggest enemy?

So many names are coming into your mind. Yes, so many names and you are trying to find out who is the worst out of all.

So, let us find out who is the culprit. Answer these five questions to know and catch hold of him!!

1.Who keeps on talking to you without seeking permission?
2.Who shares only negative things or aspects with you?
3.Who stops you from doing anything new?
4.Who always scares you?
5. who keeps on repeating the same thing again and again?

It is none other than you own MIND!

The mind or the brain is just an organ in your body but it controls your whole life. The good news is that we can train our brain for a better life. Our brain is programmed to show us the negative side of life. It makes us aware of the dangers ahead.

Let us understand this by an example of a ship. A ship is moving swiftly in the sea. The captain is skilled and steering the ship nicely. There is a man deployed on the top of the ship to foresee the approaching dangers and raise an alarm to the captain so that he can do the needful, but this man is not skilled enough to steer the ship. He keeps on informing the captain about the possible dangers and the captain listens to him but uses his expertise to do his job. Now, compare this to yourself. The mind keeps on making us aware about the possible dangers, but it does not mean that there is no way out. Mind is only an organ in our body. We need to distinguish between ourselves and the mind.

Everything in this universe is energy. If we apply this to ourselves, we are also a form of energy. This spark of energy has unlimited potential which can be unleashed by differentiating it from the MIND.

How to train the Mind?

  1. Whenever a thought comes to your mind you have a choice to reject or accept it. Exercise your power and deny the negative thought. Establish your supremacy over your mind. You have 11 seconds to accept or reject a thought, act promptly.
  2. .Understand the fact that positive thoughts can be created, and negative thoughts can be reframed into the positive ones.
  3. Create your own experiences. Do not live a life under other people’s shadow by asking them for advice on every trivial matter as you do not know what experiences are driving their life journey.

Take Charge

Be self -aware, you are capable of taking decisions on your own. Be the captain of your ship. Imagine the fate of a ship whose captain gets up from the ship and offers his seat to the man who is alarming him against the dangers. It is quiet similar to a person who has given the control of his or her life to an organ called Brain and they are hiding in their own skin with fear. Let the mind do its function of alarming you. Exercise your authority and reject self-sabotaging thoughts. Get Unstuck! Feel free and embrace positive thoughts.

Jyoti Arya

Jyoti as a Life Coach and founder at Soul Symphony, aims at connecting her clients to their inner selves so that they feel empowered and look for the guidance within. She is also well versed with some alternative therapies like crystal healing and tarot card reading.

Jyoti is a certified Life Coach through ICF and an NLP Practitioner.  Postgraduate in English and possesses a degree in education, she has worked as a teacher and a trainer in the past with some of finest educational institutions in Delhi. She was associated with YWCA as a faculty for soft skills.  According to her, these experiences taught her a lot and encouraged her to enhance her capabilities as a human being and expand her horizon further to people from different walks of life. Born and brought up in a family where values remain at the epitome and materialistic dimension never came into the picture.  Got married in the year 2001. She further adds that her journey so far has been smooth and swift with waves of happiness and sadness making entry and exit every now and then.

Soul Symphony was incorporated by her in the year 2016, with a vision to reach women professionals and to empower them so that they become self-equipped and do not need any friend, philosopher or guide to help them sail through the difficult times.

 As an NLP practitioner and a certified Life coach, she has coached more than 200 women from different professions. The journey still continues. Connect with her www.soulsymphony.in