On This World Environment Day A Mother’s Apology to her Unborn Child

On This World Environment Day A Mother’s Apology to her Unborn Child

‘Some more months and then you too will be a part of this world. But why !? Why do you want to come to this world? What will you do in this world? How will you live? You will also have to fight for life like your Sister. You don’t have to be in love with your breath.’

Anita is gazing out of the window pane. It is all dark and black outside. The city is covered under smog.

“Sheetal where are you!? I want to see you now. Ok! I am coming to your cabin right now. Wait for me.”

“Yes, darling tell me. Why were you sounding so low and disturbed? All well!?”

“Sheetal, I want to abort this child. I am done now. I have decided. I don’t want this child in my life anymore.”

“What!!? What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?” A shiver ran through Sheetal’s body. “You are in the 15th week of your pregnancy. It’s not possible now. Moreover, it’s illegal. What happened what made you take this decision.” Sheetal comes near to Anita, put her one hand on Anita’s shoulder and other on her head.

“Come on, Share it with me. Don’t take me as your gynecologist but first we are childhood friends. Share with me, Anita. I have all my ears for you.” says Sheetal.

Anita started crying.

She is three-plus months pregnant and Sheetal is her friend and gynecologist. Anita is already a mother of an 8-year-old daughter, Manini, who at the moment is in ICU due to Asthma attack.

Though she is out of danger but this time her attack was severe. It’s been a week that she is fighting with pain.

At first, when they brought Manini to the hospital, after hours of the continuous efforts the doctor had shown some doubts of failure. They have given their words to her parents.

But as they say, it’s all in God’s hands, Manini fought her life with her ailing situations and came out of those critical moments.

She proved herself a fighter. Though she is out of danger now, doctors had given some serious and strict instructions for her.

“Coffee” Anita was lost in her thoughts when Sheetal’s words brought her back to reality. She again took on a gigantic silence. She had a cup of coffee in one hand and the other on her womb.

” What are you thinking? Manini is now out of danger. She will be all right in a day. You take my words. She will make us proud one day. “Sheetal said

” How can I not worry I am a mother. And I’m worried about not one but for both my children. One who is lying on one of the beds of this hospital and the other who is preparing for his/her own life.

Right now, she is fine, but the disease which she has suffered. She can get back to this position anytime again. As you know, It ‘s not by birth she got Asthma, it has developed in the last one and half year. And what is the guarantee that my second child will not suffer from anything!? It’s not possible to ignore the circumstances in which they are and will be.

Why should I bring this child into this world? What will I be able to give? Is food, clothes and house is enough to live? What benefits can it bring to this world when we wouldn’t be able to give a clean life? What about clean breath to live!!? What if we wouldn’t be able to give clean water to drink? Do I bring him/her to this world to see our children suffer for their breaths? ” Anita starts crying. (Tears)

Manini was born as a healthy happy child. Like every mother Anita also had dreams about her child’s bright future.6 years passed by watching her play, laugh and doing her own spirit.

At 5 Manini started showing allergies towards every changing season, in going out in the sunlight, from fruits, from flowers to even the fragrance of her mother’s and father’s perfumes.

As Anita and her husband started understanding things, they started taking precautions. But at home only they could do all this, how to save her from the atmosphere and how long as she is going to join school soon.?

After much thought and debate, Manini was finally sent to school. Teachers were instructed according to her health.

But one day the call came from the school that Manini was coughing very much and she is breathing heavily. She was taken to the hospital as soon as possible, after much investigation, it was revealed that it was an asthma attack.

Since then, Anita and her husband have made every possible treatment for her. Even they purchased an air purifier. But it can only clean the air of the house from inside. Do they have to keep their child in the four walls of the same house throughout her life?

Anita was in deliberation as Why should she bring her second child into this world? What will she give to him/her? A mother wants to give her child a healthy life, but how will she give her a healthy life? As long as the child is in the womb the baby is safe.

But what about the contaminated food, air or water that a mother is taking in. When the child comes into the world, firstly for some months the baby is dependent on mother’s milk, which could bring in peace. But the growth brings in worries.

What to give to your child what not. Every mother’s main consent is her child’s healthy happy growth and living. She wants her child to be a warrior. But for that, she has to give her child health and goodness.

This situation is prevailing in the whole world today. We all know that today, we and our children are living in contaminated atmosphere. Neither do we have clean air nor water, not even pure food for life. What time has come, what is happening to the weather. Summers are increasing, the weather is changing, there is no cold, there is no rain. Global warming is bringing in high heating temperatures. The glaciers are melting. Forests are on fire.

Why is it happening we all know the reason now? The fields are sold, the forest is over, the rivers have dried up, the animals do not live, and we are happy about being a human being. Think, what are the signs of happiness? Now we all have to understand which life we ​​want. Do we want to live in high elevated buildings, bullet trains, or big mall or a house with happy healthy family, pure water and air, in all a healthy life? What do we want to leave for our children make it as legacy, a healthy happy leaving or run for their life?



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