21 Best Gifts for New Moms and Dads in 2023

21 Best Gifts for New Moms and Dads in 2023

Being a parent for the first time can be a huge change in one’s life. It marks a new journey in the lives of the new mom’s and dad’s which has its own ups and downs. The journey is surely beautiful but it can also be exhausting sometimes which requires some pampering of your partners, friends or people around who have just started this journey.

Now to make them feel a little comfortable on this journey we recommend these top 21 gifts for new moms and dads so that their new journey doesn’t become as hectic and tiring, these gifts will be a great aid in reducing stress and providing them some relaxation.

If you are on the search for similar ideas then your search ends here as we’ve come to your help, we have prepared a list of gift ideas that will hopefully make any new mother feel just as happy and grateful as she does at a baby’s nap time.

1. Baby Carrier

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Baby wearing promotes attachment and bonding. Parents who practice baby wearing are more responsive to their baby’s needs and mothers are more likely to breastfeed. Baby wearing also appears to promote language development.

Baby wearing is good for parents, too. Babies cry less when they are close to you. Using a baby carrier or sling allows you to free your hands and keep your baby close while going about your day-to-day activities.

2. Baby Strollers & Prams

Baby strollers are a very helpful gift to parents as they don’t have to carry the baby in their arms, having a baby stroller reduces fatigue for parents and also makes travelling an easier activity for parents.

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3. Stylish Diaper Bag

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Carrying a normal bag for carrying diapers can be a task as it usually becomes very heavy because of the amount of stuff kept in it. Going for a diaper bag can be convenient in such situations because you don’t have to carry the bag in your hands. That’s why diaper bags become a very helpful gift for new parents as they don’t have to worry about carrying stuff other than their baby.

4. Electric Breast Pump

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Breast pumps are extremely useful for new moms to pump milk and store it especially if they work or the child’s sleep schedule is disturbed.

This method helps release discomfort from the breasts when breast milk builds up and can be useful for women who struggle with getting their babies to breastfeed directly. Electric breast pumps can be a very helpful gift to show someone that you care and understand.

5. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

It is very essential to sterilize all the feeding equipment’s of a baby, until they are atleast 12 months old.

Bottle steriliser helps in protecting the baby against infections and that’s how it becomes a useful and helpful gift idea for parents.

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6. Play Gym or Play Mat

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Play gym can help greatly in developing a baby’s senses and motor skills. They illustrate cause and effect and boost knowledge of patterns, colors, shapes, sounds, imagination and self-discovery. These are vital for baby’s cognitive development.

7. Bouncing Chair

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Bouncing chair can become a boon to parents as lets the baby play or rest next to the parent, while they get a chance to take a shower, unload the dishwasher or prepare a meal.

It frees the parent and gives them time to undertake their tasks. The bouncing movements are very helpful in lulling the baby to sleep.

8. Care Hamper

In selecting a gift option for new parents, a care package tops the list as it can be used by both the parents. You can create a hamper by yourself as well, instead of buying it directly from the market and add all the best quality products like warm socks, warm blankets, eye masks, coffee, coffee mugs, Dry shampoo, candles, body wash, scrub, oil etc.

9. Professional Photoshoot

Family selfies and baby portraits on a phone camera may seem like the most convenient and affordable option when new parents have tons of other things to stress about. However, only a professional photoshoot can add that magic to these special memories which the parents are making.

So you can Pre-pay for a photographer to take candid, natural shots of the new born and their parents and go a step further in selecting out a unique and creative gift idea.

10. Baby Bather

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A baby bather is very helpful to give young infants a comfortable bath. As babies usually cry while bathing a baby bather helps in making the process easier.

11. Nursing Pads

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Out of all the things that happens to a mother’s body while giving birth, leaking of breasts becomes the most uncomfortable part that too while going out in public.

During such situations nursing pads can be of great help as they help to avoid such situations happening in the public.

12. Eye mask with cooling gel

Every new and expecting parent deserves this mask so as to reduce their stress. These eye masks help to provide satisfactory sleep to the parents so that they don’t feel sleep deprived and tired. The cooling of the gel is enough to put anyone to sleep.

13. Healthy Snacks

One of the best gift to a new mother is homemade pinnis during the winter season. They help to energise the parent and satiate all the cravings.

Pinni helps lactating mothers by stimulating breast milk flow and helping them regain strength post delivery. This tasty sweet also helps boost immunity and ward off seasonal infections including cold and cough.

14. Baby Care Products

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A hamper of baby care products including nappies, teethers, bibs, washcloths, towels, shampoo, oils and socks are a must have for new mothers and will be a very thoughtful gift.

15. Foot Massager

A foot massager can help to soothe sore feet and will even help to alleviate other aches and pains. It is so easy to use and can even be put to use while mother is nursing the baby or reading a story.

16. At Home Spa Day

A woman is filled with aches and pains after delivery, so a relaxing body massage or spa will be a great gift. You can always offer your own services or hire a masseuse A bonus is that this service can be offered to both the parents as they both are really tired during the initial months. The massage will help work out the newer aches and pains they will develop as they will now have to spend every waking moment caring for the little one.

17. Nursing Scarf

The nursing scarf is a very useful item for women who feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public as it helps in providing the mother some privacy while she is nursing the child.

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18. Books related to parenting

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Parenting books can be very useful for the parents who are having their first baby as it helps to reduce their stress about the future and teaches them concepts like positive parenting.

A parenting book can be a perfect gift if you feel that your friend/sister/ partner is nervous about this new stage.

19. Loungewear or Pajamas

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New mothers are bound to spend a lot of time in their pajamas and loungewear so gifting them cute pajamas or lounge wear will be a very practical gift and trust us they are going to love you even more for this.

20. Cotton Blanket

There are a lot of anxieties that a mother carries related to her newborn, their postpartum body and connection with the baby — leading to sleepless nights.

The pressure of these weighted blankets puts the autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate or breathing. This can provide an overall sense of calm to the new mother and hence become a much deserved gift for her.

21. Fitness Tracker

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A fitness tracker continuously reminds the mother to take care of her health while taking care of the baby. The process can be very tiring which makes fitness trackers a perfect gift to remind the mother about the important tasks such as taking adequate steps in a day, drinking water, getting enough sleep etc.

These were the best gift options for new parents. All the above mentioned gifts tend to be helpful for the parents in one way or another and are a perfect pick for gifting purposes. We hope that we were able to help you with our recommendations.

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