4 Ways to Take Care of your Baby’s Skin

4 Ways to Take Care of your Baby’s Skin

As a new parent you always try to protect your baby from all problems. Baby’s skincare is equally important. Newborn babies have a very sensitive, soft skin that needs extra care with protection.

New parents are often concerned about their baby’s skin. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and can catch allergy or cause rash very soon. It is very important to choose natural and chemical free products. Chemical based products can cause rashes.

One should only use baby products of good brand that should be chemical free.

Here are some ways through which you can take care of your baby’s skin:       

  1. Bathing

Parents usually prefer to bath their babies daily. So make sure to use products which don’t cause any allergic reaction. First do oil massage as it’s important for a body development and skin texture.

Let the child bath with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Don’t use antibacterial soap. Only use soft towel to wipe your child.

  1. Powdering

Avoid using powder that are chemical based and have strong fragrance otherwise it can cause irritation. You have to be very careful while using powder. Don’t  apply powder on diaper area it can cause complications in future.

3. Diapers

Diapers are very helpful to keep baby clean but some diapers can cause rash or infection. Take few precautions while using diapers. Change diapers frequently. If it’s soiled change it immediately. Use good brand diapers.

Rashes occur due to too tight or wet diaper so follow some precautions to prevent your baby from rashes. Apply coconut oil everytime before diapering your baby. Don’t use much wipes to clean diaper area.

4. Dry skin

Dry skin also cause skin problem. If your babies skin is dry then you must use coconut oil as it’s best to provide moisture to baby’s skin. Always apply moisturizer after bath. Use only non toxins and natural skin products for your baby.

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