Not all Raksha Bandhan stories are heroic, but my brother is still my Hero

Not all Raksha Bandhan stories are heroic, but my brother is still my Hero

It was a night before “Raksha Bandhan” festival and Vaidehi had just managed to put Attika and Anuj to sleep after narrating them various stories related to the Festival. Vaidehi sat down in solitude and soon without realisation started retrospection about her relationship with her brother, Anshul. She was wondering whether her relationship with Anshul had any likeness with those of various historical and mythological stories related to this beautiful brother-sister festival.

Anshul was elder to Vaidehi, but the difference was hardly two years and they grew up like any normal siblings – having their share of cat fights on petty issues including fight over TV remote and that eternal question “who is mumma’s favourite” and those sibling competitions where the answer was simple  for Vaidehi – “I am mumma’s favourite as my report card shows better marks than yours. She went into flashback and few incidences immediately started floating in front of her eyes – some blur and some still crystal clear.

It was Anshul who had taken all the efforts to teach cycling to his baby sister and how he didn’t even got angry with her when she banged his cycle with the tempo, as she had road fear and had frozen at sight of the vehicle coming from front. Infact Anshul was worried about her sister more than the damage done to his dear cycle.

That one incidence which Vaidehi couldn’t ever forget in her life was how her brother had saved her from embarrassment and may be a brief shouting from her mother when he had gobbled up that half burnt, half raw chapati which Vaidehi had attempted to cook. It was another story that Anshul still teased her for this incidence.

The most hilarious of all the incidences which had happened between her and Anshul was their pillow fight incidence. She was very angry and they both were having a real brother – sister fight which resembled the mini WWF. Amidst that, Vaidehi threw a pillow on Anshul at which he smartly dozed and to Vaidehi’s horror the pillow went straight out of window and down from the top floor of their building. Thuddddd……. With that noise of pillow falling down, Vaidehi’s heartbeat had literally stopped with the fear of getting a good amount of shout from their Mom. It was Anshul who acted fast and managed to cover up for her immediately by getting the pillow home and also never uttering a word about it to Mom. The fight was immediately declared over and needless to say the issues on which fight was going on were soon forgotten.

She thought about how she had really got angry on Anshul when he had asked their mother to not allow her to buy her first jeans. She was really very angry on him and was not ready to buy any argument at that time. Today when she was mothering  a daughter and reading news papers with hideous incidences of sick mentality of people around, she had understood his view point at that time.

Soon her eyes started getting heavier and she was falling asleep. She picked up her mobile and typed a WhatsApp message “Cant wait to see you tomorrow, brother” and sent it to Anshul. She was content with her relationship with her brother. She knew it was nowhere near to anything like those historical events that happened between brothers and sisters, but his brother had protected and cared for her in true sense at every point of life. She was rest assured that come what may, days when she will need his support, he will stand by her side without even a second thought.

P.S. : Dedicated to my Big Brother. Love you bro.

Readers, please share those small but lovely incidences with your brother which you won’t ever forget.

Manjula Joshi

A Chartered Accountant by profession and a hands on Mother to two wonderful kids. Before taking up the responsibility of motherhood she had worked for more than 12 years in Financial Industry. She has a passion for reading and is proud to have inculcated the novel habit in her kids early on. She believes in raising kids who are well read and aware of their surroundings and grow up as a responsible citizen who can bring desired changes in the Society.