Starting solid food for your baby? Here are a few myths to avoid

Starting solid food for your baby? Here are a few myths to avoid

Every mile stone in your baby’s development is exciting, especially when they are ready to start weaning foods. Some babies are ready to start solids a little earlier than the prescribed age. Starting your little one on solids can be exciting as well as nerve wrecking for a new mother especially for those that don’t have anyone to guide them on the dos and don’ts.  Before we proceed any further, it’s important to know that it’s ideal and important to breastfeed for a minimum period of 12 months or more.

A lot has changed along with time and so has the feeding methodology.  There are quite a few myths that can easily lead to a lot of confusion. With the abundance of information out there on the internet, it’s quite difficult to separate fact from fiction. Here are a few common myths to avoid

Myth 1: Baby food has to be bland

A lot of new parents tend to hesitate adding a bit of flavour to their infants’ food. Once your little one is above 9 months of age, start adding mild flavours of herbs and other seasonings to their food to make it more tasty. Don’t go overboard with it and introduce too many new flavours at once. Start in moderation and slowly add new flavours over the course of a few months. This helps to expand their taste and make them more forthcoming towards trying out new flavours.

Myth 2: Don’t let babies play with their food

Be ready for the mess because it helps your little one experience textures and have an enjoyable eating experience. Letting them play with their food provides them a sensory experience. The touch, smell, taste and in some cases the sound of it can help them identify textures and gives them a chance to explore the world of food.

Myth 3: The baby must finish the whole portion

Don’t force feed or be assertive in feeding. Let your child give you cues on when to stop. Don’t overfeed. Be aware about cues such as turning their heads away or closing their mouths. Ensure that you feed appropriate quantities at regular intervals.

Myth 4: All packaged baby food are unhealthy

There’s a lot of misconception about packaged weaning foods and there are many who assume that all packaged baby food is not ideal for babies. This is definitely not true. There are a handful of brands that are creating a new category of 100% natural, organic  grain mixes and porridge range made in manufacturing facilities with highest standards of cleanliness. As a parent, it’s important to make sure you spend enough time researching about the brand that you opt for. For babies and infants, the freshness of the product is of utmost importance to ensure quality and nutritional value.  Opt for a product that’s made-to-order, has completely organic ingredients and  manufactured using best in class ingredients.

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Hima Bindu

Nutritionist and Co-Founder, Timios