CBSE, ICSE or IB-Which education board to choose for my child?

CBSE, ICSE or IB-Which education board to choose for my child?

As we look at the spectrum of schools we find many options of the education Boards like CBSE/ICSE/International Boards/US common core standards.

So being in education all my life I would like to share few thoughts/information with you.

Let’s see the most common case, the option between CBSE and ICSE. The fundamentals to choose the Board can be divided into two broad categories. It from class one to class ten and class eleven/twelve.

You are about to initiate the education of your child. This is the key age group when almost the complete life is defined as a person. From the birth to the age up to eight nine, the basic of life skills and cognitive intelligence develops. The education must give a wide exposure to the child.

So now what is the key requirement? A school which has multiple activities and sports facility along with the safety of your child is a great value school. As an example, I can quote a few things like playing in the groups, gymnastics, dance music, theater etc. And the most important part is that child is exposed to the reading of stories, poetry enacting theater etc.

Now, where does the education boards stands? The course material is not vastly different although ICSE is more comprehensive and defines a course which does assist the school to give a wider spectrum of the course content.

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ICSE has a very basic advantage of the higher standard of English language. The critical age of learning language is from five years to puberty. So ICSE is certainly a better option.The coverage of Maths and Science to the certain extent is better in CBSE. This gives an edge to the child later in senior classes.

There is a vast range of subjects which are covered in ICSE as compared to CBSE. But this makes the course little cumbersome.

Now let me take you to the senior classes xi/xii. All the competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus. With today’s scenario, I can safely say the CBSE will have to provide a wider scope of subjects and greater flexibility. We know IT companies are drying up and life is not restricted to being an engineering or a medicine. The scope of the contents and range has to change. But the basics of the education at the crossroads (class XII board exam) will remain the CBSE.

Now, am I putting you in a no solution zone? No, the simple answer is at the initial stages from birth to the class five, pay attention to the high-quality school. The ICSE offers a better framework but CBSE is also fine. It is more about the quality of the environment you provide at home and school which will make your child.

My next take will be the international school syllabus and US Common. These boards are essentially required if you are getting posted to various parts of the world like staying in India for 2-3 years then Singapore or then to the UK and so on. There are prestige and social status attached to such schools. Technically, one has to find, are these schools conducting the exams. For an example, an exam is conducted by the state and the national level that are held various stages. Surprisingly they have like our board exam in the class sixth, eighth and tenth and twelfth(They are optional).

Also, the US common has an option of 15% addition of the course content from state to state.

One has to write SAT and TOEFL for further education in the US. The admission in US or UK Universities is based not only on the scores but It is long drawn process with the application, essays, recommendation and the resume of your child. They pay great value to the social contribution and original ideas.

So the syllabus to choose may not be of the value but it the school environment and the opportunities we can give to the child which matters.

Sumangla Kapoor

Sumangla Kapoor(MSc(Physics), BSc(Physics Hons.), Miranda House; Delhi University) is self directed, enthusiastic educator with passionate commitment for the education and have over 22 years of experience in the field of education. Sumangla’s career started as Physics lecturer in SNDT women’s university and she continued to move places all over the country. Latter she was one of the person’s responsible for the smart classes. She worked hard in life to ensure the a delicate balance between family life and the career. She is founder of a start up . It aims at improving the lives of people.