10 Diet Tips to Eat Healthy During Your Vacation

10 Diet Tips to Eat Healthy During Your Vacation

Vacations are loved by all the members of the family as people look forward to have lots of fun and enjoyment and take a break from their regular routine. In this mode of enjoyment, one tends to go overboard resulting in weight gain many at times. Right selection of food and avoiding impulsive eating can help you deal with post vacation emotional stress. Here are few dietary tips which one can follow on a holiday trip.

  1. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while on a trip. Staying hydrated should be the first step as it would keep your body hydrated and also flush the toxins side by side. Water is the best detoxifier. Avoid buying expensive mineral water, rather carry your own bottle and refill whenever possible from a hygienic source.
  2. Relish your breakfast completely but go in for healthy options like eggs, cottage cheese, buttermilk, salads with cheese. A healthy protein rich breakfast would keep you full for a longer period of time.
  3. Carry your snacks: Always pack some healthy snacks like roasted makhanas, seeds, nuts, fruits etc and munch them whenever hungry. They would provide you instant energy and would also help in avoiding binge eating.
  4. Avoid eating every meal: This would help you in saving both calories and money during your trip. Have a good wholesome breakfast and much some fruits and nuts for lunch. Dinner to be kept light and healthy like soups, sauteed or steamed veggies with salad bowl.
  5. Drink in moderation: Alcohol can be a large source of calories in our diet. Cut your calories out of drinks by mixing alcohol with low-calorie mixers such as seltzer water or zero-calorie drinks, or try adding seltzer water to your wine to make a spritzer!
  6. Start your meals with a salad as this would help in cutting down calories and prevent overeating on the higher calorie entrees.
  7. Read the calories before ordering the food. These days many restaurants have a calorie column against their recipes for fitness freaks. So be a smart reader and select the best option as per your requirement.
  8. Plan an Active Excursion Every Day: Plan your itinerary in such a way so that you don’t put those extra pounds.
  9. Cook your own meals if you are opting for a homestay. This would help you “eat food of right type and right choice”.
  10. Last but not the least, do not forget to detox once you are back from vacations.

Swati Singh

Dt. Swati Singh - Consulting Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert Certified Diabetes Educator. For any query mail at dietwithswati@gmail.com

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