16 Independence Day Activities For Kids

16 Independence Day Activities For Kids

India will be celebrating its 76th Independence Day this year on 15th August,2023. With the struggles and hardships that led us here it becomes a very important day for all of us. On this day we remember each and everyone who led us to freedom and liberated us from slavery and exploitation. So, it becomes our obligation to teach our new generation about the importance that this day hold and why we should celebrate this, so to promote that here are 16 activities for Independence Day celebration for young children.

1. Flag Hoisting

The foremost thing that should be prioritised on independence day is Flag Hoisting. This activity gives all of us a sense of pride, freedom and dignity. You should take your kids out to see such events and make them sing the national anthem along with everyone.

2. March- Past

March-past is a parade that is organised on Independence Day. It is important to take your kids to see such activities taking place be it in school, locality or anywhere around you. You can also take up an initiative to organise such activities. You would need to give your children some training about how to do a Parade. The march-past is performed in sync after the Flag hoisting process.

3. Painting Competition

These competitions are a wonderful way to celebrate Independence Day with kids. All you need to do is organise such activities and include all the kids around you. You can keep themes which emphasize the importance of this day.

4. Patriotic Skits and Plays

To teach the kids around you about the history of Independence you can organise such skits in their schools or localities. This activity can be used to tell the children about our freedom fighters and the sacrifices made by them.

5. Patriotic Singing

There are several patriotic songs in multiple languages. Such activities are often organised in schools and other community places, you can make your kids participate in such activities and explain to them the meaning of those songs.

6. Cultural Dance

As India is a sovereign country it is important to organise such activities which connect children from various cultural backgrounds. Your child can participate in Dance performance where dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri are performed. You can teach them through Youtube or arrange an instructor.

7. Patriotic Costume Contest

A patriotic costume contest is a very exciting activity. It is fun to dress up as a famous freedom fighter or as an Indian soldier in a fancy dress competition and ask your children to learn about the character they are portraying and say some lines about them. This will make the fellow kids learn about our history.

8. Quiz Contest

You can organise a quiz contest and ask them questions about freedom fighters, history, events during the freedom struggle, and important dates of remembrance. It can increase the child’s interest and awareness about India.

9. Movie Marathon

You can organise a movie screening in your locality or school and make all the young children watch movies like The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, and Mangal Pandey, and a few others in their original language.

10. Independence Day Theme party

You can organise a theme party where children can come dressing up as our freedom fighters or wearing the clothes of the colors which are there in our national flag. You can also organise a potluck asking everyone to bring tricolor dishes or prepare them yourself.

11. Flag Relay Race

It is a regular relay race, but instead of using a baton, the kids pass the national flag. It is an excellent physical activity too. Children can learn about teamwork while also enjoying the spirit of the day.

12. T-shirt Painting

You can make the kids color their old T-shirts in tricolor using paint brushes or using a hand painting process. Such activities can bring out the creative personality in them.

13. Visit to Historic places

You can take the kids to historic places that hold stories of our independence. You can plan a trip in advance. You can also ask them to browse and learn about the place before visiting it.

14. Crossword Puzzle

This game increases the awareness among children. Create a crossword puzzle containing words associated with patriotism, freedom, Father of the nation, the name of freedom fighters, freedom movements, and more. Organise the game by dividing the children in groups and creating several rounds.

15. Flag Making

This activity will make them learn about the colors in our flag. You should definitely teach them the significance of these colors and the values they hold.

16. Making the Independence Day Guide

You can team up with children by collecting pictures, fact sheets, and graphics related to the nation and independence and make them curate a guide which will help them learn about these important things. Ask them to go for topics like the national flag, national bird, national anthem, national animal, freedom fighters, and more.

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