Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids

It is celebrated to create a conscious awareness to ‘give back’ to the Mother Earth and to channelize the energy towards preservation and conservation of the natural resources. It dates back to 1970.

This Earth day here are some TO DO’s with your child:

  1. Read and Educate: Reading is the best thing that you can gift to your child. By educating them about our environment and about the uses, benefits, ways of preservation of the Mother Earth, we can prepare the next generation. We should teach them to respect the amenities available naturally around us. There are tons of children books, articles on the internet and your own knowledge on this subject, which may come handy.
  1. Plant a tree: Hands on experience has a long lasting impact. That is the reason why practical learning outshines all theory and book based knowledge. This Earth day let us all pledge to plant some trees with our young ones. Not only will we do our small bit by contributing to the future, we would even set examples by this deed. The learning that goes with it is another motivation! 
  1. Say NO TO PLASTICS: The recent uncountable cases of dead animals on the sea shores are glaring examples of how polluting the water bodies with plastics can suffocate the water-life. We are all aware of the harmful effects of plastics. The recent no-plastic movement in various parts of the country should be encouraged. This Earth day let us make a strict NO-NO to the plastics. Throw away those carry bags and plastics and welcome cloth bags and recyclable products.
  2. Go Organic: Pesticides and many modern food adulteration processes are extremely harmful and fatal to our health. The recent impetus given to organic farming is beneficial for one and all. Let us all give three cheers to organic farming. Include organic products and promote the industry. 

Having said all this, we should not forget that we should make each and every day as Earth day. Some things that we could possibly do on a daily basis to respect and protect the Mother Earth are:

  • Recycling products as much as possible;
  • Conserve water, electricity and other resources;
  • Instead of thrashing away, consider donating things that are in good condition;
  • Walk or cycle instead of using gas emitting vehicles wherever possible;
  • Use car-pools;
  • Use ideas of compost bin and try to segregate wastes.

Overall, let us all join hands to make this EARTH as a better place to live in. It is important that as responsible human beings we leave behind clean Earth for our future generations.

Anisha Bajaj

Anisha Bajaj, a passionate mother of two, runs a children's book library in Mumbai. Having pursued BBA, CFA and MS(Finance), she has worked with top MNCs in the past. However, motherhood opened up a new world of books to her. She is on a mission to spread the joy of learning from books with fellow moms and to encourage kids to spend lesser time on gadgets and screens. She has also made story contributions to a children book called " My hopscotch journey- A Pari's Tale". Recently she has joined the editorial team for a monthly children magazine called BeyondClassrooms".