Need some home-decor inspo? Here are 13 Home Decor Influencers you should follow on Instagram

Home Decor plays a very important part in the overall appearance of your home. If done right it can add wonders to your home, even if you just want to add something to your house made years ago, it can help you change its vibe to a whole new level, however finding inspirations for such tasks which require a lot of precision can be tricky. That’s why we have here Top 13 home decor influencers whose idea you can incorporate to get your desired outcomes.

1. Bhavna Bhatnagar

Bhavna Bhatnagar is the owner of the page An Indian Summer, her Instagram page is like an experience of all that is inspiring, from the world of interiors, travel, design and lifestyle.

Over the years, An Indian Summer has become the go-to resource for discovering sublime spaces, creative art, craft & products, and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle & travel experiences.

Bhavna’s forte is in creating the perfect mood & recall with beautiful visual stories, her writing and her photography. A visit to An Indian Summer is like a much-desired visit to a spa, so do check her page out to get some latest ideas.

Current Followers- 17.5k

2. Rukmini Ray Kumar

Rukmini is a multi award winning Interior and Decor Blogger, content creator and Founder of Trumatter- a website that is one of India’s most favorite home decor destinations. Trumatter focuses on home decor and lifestyle ideas that are simple to achieve, looks like a million bucks and instill a sense of comfort and homely familiarity to a space. A strong advocate of the “the lived-in vibe”, she works with a lot of neutrals, soothing shades, natural materials and elements to bring about a style which is simple, graceful and reminiscent of a beach cottage.

Current Followers- 37.1K

3. Reshma Kadvath

Reshma Kadvath stumbled upon upcycling at one of the lowest points in her life. Repurposing pre-loved objects and wastes soon became her solace, and after seeing the environmental benefits, became her calling too. Now she teaches all these ways to her followers through YouTube and Instagram and has a fan base of home decor enthusiasts.

Current Followers- 54.6K

4. Sharon D’Souza

Sharon D’Souza has a home and garden website along with her Instagram page where she shares her home decor and balcony/garden revamp tips and tricks. She takes sustainable pieces of decor, that are eco-friendly and also the need of the hour, and creates wonders with it. Her entire page looks like it came right out of our dreams, so you can take inspiration for your home from her social media platforms.

Current Followers- 20.7 K

5. Rohina

Rohina is a lifestyle and home decor enthusiast and has won significant awards in her field. She loves sharing her ideas of home interiors and her own DIY decors on Instagram and Youtube. She has her own brand online where she sells all kinds of furnishings, beddings, decor, wall hangings, bath essentials and more.

Current Followers- 359K

6. Preethi Prabhu

Preethi Prabhu can make everything from duh to fab. She believes that it’s not years in one’s life but life in ones years. She is a badass of home decor and interior design. She has a zest for life and shares all her experiences, bitter or sweet with her followers, she is greatly loved by her followers because of her great recommendations in home decor.

Current Followers- 119K

7. Rajee Sood

Rajee Sood knows how to amp up her living space with her antique and handpicked collections. She has a way with the warm tones and can make them match everything. She recommends the tiniest things like pillow cushion to perfection. If you wish to get inspiration for your home decor then do check her Instagram page.

Current Followers- 9K

8. Sarita Handa

Sarita Handa is a renowned name in the home decor industry. Her home decor ideas are a perfect mix of the contemporary and the classic. If you are into pastel color fanatic then you should definitely check her out, you’ll definitely find the ideas you are looking for.

Current Followers- 69.7K

9. Shalini Ganguli

Shalini Ganguli ‘s artistry is known for her power to blend the modern interiors with the Indian styles. Her ideas are really out of the box and are loved by a lot of people. If you are looking for such ideas like mixing the Indianness of your house with her modern ideas then you should definitely check out her page.

Current Followers- 35.5K

10. Khushi Todi

Khushi Todi is the founder of the Cane Boutique. Her personal blog is all about fresh ideas about home decoration be it for newly made houses or changing the old ones, she has inspirations for every kind. Her ideas revolve around changing the wallpapers and paintings to provide fresh looks to the targeted area.

Current Followers- 9K

11. Kruti Badiani

Home Decor influencer Kruti Badiani’s Instagram page is a great source of inspiration for anyone who is new to decorating. From a quick guide to easy-to-care-for indoor plants to comprehensive tips on what colors to include in your space, her feed will have you sorted. She draws inspiration from the colors of nature, so expect soothing shades of blue, lots of greens, and earthy tones. She adds a bit of color play to white or pastel shaded walls, and uses monochromatic products for colorful walls so if that’s what you like then do checkout her profile.

Current Followers- 156K

12. Rashmi Chandra

Rashmi Chandra is inspired by Havelis and old Rajasthani Palaces, she adds a slice of the culture in her abode. You will see a feed that’s dominated by tea lights, lamps, candle stands, and she sources cushions, rugs, and runners that add a warm and neutral tone in the rooms. Plants and artificial flowers are a common staple in her home as they help bring in some color and add a fresh vibe to any space. Sourced from local artisans, her style screams made in India and will inspire you to shop local too.

Current Followers- 65.8 K

13. Tara Lange

The only two words that describe her style are- Gypsy and Hippie. She has the Goa vibe in her style and it is visible in all her ideas. ‘The décor must create joy’ is one rule she abides by. And her Instagram feed is testimony to that. She has 140+ plants, yellow and turquoise walls, flowery wallpapers, and furniture that defines the Boho style. Also, if vintage rugs and side drawers are your thing, then you’ll get a whole of decor ideas from her.

Current Followers- 38.7K

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