How to Take Care of kids during Monsoon/Rainy Season

How to Take Care of kids during Monsoon/Rainy Season

The splash splosh of rain drops;
The sweet smell of Earth;
The hot tea and pakodas;
The hot bowl of khidchdi; or
The hot delicious Maggi;
The pleasurable weekend get-aways;
The fun of getting wet…
Here comes June… here comes the Monsoon season!

After the scorching summers, Monsoon season comes as a relief. But, with great things, come great responsibilities! This season comes with its own set of seasonal diseases and children are most prone to them. The water logging makes the situation worse and there are a lot of air-borne and water-borne diseases.

But, here are few simple tips to be monsoon ready!

  1. Cleanliness: It is advisable to be a little extra cautious during this season. Using insect repellents while indoors and even outdoors is recommended. It is suggested to use antiseptic liquids for cleaning house and to be wary of damps.
  2. Getting wet: Although getting wet may be enjoyable but the health impacts may make it an unpleasant experience. It is best to avoid getting wet. We should be mindful to carry umbrellas and raincoats all the time. Also, we need to be extra cautious about wet socks and shoes.
  3. No to street food: Street and junk food is never recommended and during monsoons it is more so. It is best to stay away from street foods during this season.
  4. Yes to Vitamin C: Immunity building foods such as fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C should be consumed more.
  5. Regulated Temperatures: Especially with the young children, it is important to regulate temperatures and keep the room cosy and warm.
  6. Eye Precautions: Diseases like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the season. In case of any redness or itching, we should avoid any delays to see the doctor.
  7. Water Intake: Contaminated water makes us most prone to diseases. Having boiled water while indoors and distilled water outside is strongly recommended.
  8. Extra Clothes: Especially for children, it is a great idea to have extra clothes handy.
  9. Infections: In case any child is infected with flu or any other diseases, it is strongly suggested to keep the child indoors so that other children are not infected.
  10. Stock up: Lastly, it is a good idea to stock up your essentials and medicines for any emergencies.

If you have some other pointers, do add on to the list. Keep Safe! Have fun and enjoy the season.

Anisha Bajaj

Anisha Bajaj, a passionate mother of two, runs a children's book library in Mumbai. Having pursued BBA, CFA and MS(Finance), she has worked with top MNCs in the past. However, motherhood opened up a new world of books to her. She is on a mission to spread the joy of learning from books with fellow moms and to encourage kids to spend lesser time on gadgets and screens. She has also made story contributions to a children book called " My hopscotch journey- A Pari's Tale". Recently she has joined the editorial team for a monthly children magazine called BeyondClassrooms".