Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

I am a mother, an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, a person who stays on her toes all the time. In a world devoid of a pandemic, I would have to travel a lot due to my business requirements. But, over the last one year, my movement has been restricted within the confines of my home. My teenage daughter has virtual classes, my 60+ year old parents have to take special care of their health and my businesses have been keeping me incredibly occupied. With a global pandemic that’s refusing to cease, most of us are working from home which brings me to the trends I want to talk about in this article.

  1. Creating a digital space at home
  2. Being able to manage work and your home seamlessly
  3. Staying healthy, both physically and mentally
  4. Being more grateful each day.
  5. Being yourself, unapologetically!

Although gender labels are being smashed in every home with spouses sharing work uniformly, since the COVID 19 pandemic struck, life has become demanding not just health-wise but also home life for a record number of career women and men having been enforced to work from home, often in close quarters with each other.

Preserving Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

With one spouse working out of your dining table in the kitchen to another having boisterous virtual meetings, from one spouse having a job that needs tremendous concentration to another who has to converse incessantly, life has been arduous for most couples, which sequentially has had a pessimistic outcome on one’s physical and mental welfare.

No matter where you are, no matter how much weighed down you are by work, I will reiterate my words – keep moving! Take a walk in your housing society’s park, on the terrace or simply in your balcony. Exercising, meditation and some quiet time for yourself is something you should not miss no matter which part of the globe you are at. Just like being physically fit is important, equally crucial is being able to take care of your mental wellbeing. Both these rudiments go in concert towards guaranteeing that a person is living a stable, contented life.

It Is Not Just About Mobile Phones Anymore. In 2021 – Think & Act Digital

A stronger, more empowered digital world will begin with us, our activities and our undertakings. All things digital and potent technology have so much power to churn out surprising pioneering and resourceful tools and solutions, placing valuable information right at the tips of our fingers. Thus, when I talk about a digital world, I talk about first being able to create a space at home that’s productive and ergonomic. No matter how thin the line is between your professional & personal life, you need to understand how each functions and act according to their requirements.

Be More Grateful Each Day

Here’s a life hack that will keep you focussed and positive – Be thankful for what you have. Appreciate the small things that matter such being able to spend more time with your loved ones owing to the pandemic that has limited your movement, your sleep patterns have improved, you are eating at home which translates to healthier, more nourishing food, you are admiring nature a lot more than before and so forth.

Resist the way you compare yourself with others and get agitated. Just like the five fingers on your hand are so varied, so are you from your neighbour or your colleague. Someone will always be richer, more beautiful, more attractive and more successful than you no matter where you are at life. Why make yourself feel inferior on purpose?

Be Yourself, Unapologetically!

Stop trying to please everyone, you cannot! Don’t worry what the person in front of you thinks of you, it doesn’t matter. Appreciate who you are and what you are capable of. Be confident and stop doubting yourself, that’s just an easy way to feel less powerful and run down.

Here are my final thoughts…

This year, and until this fog lifts, let’s reward ourselves with the gift of time. Remember, the time you have at hand with your loved ones is not going to come back. Let’s spend time to learn about ourselves, count our blessings, nurture our bodies with food, nourish our minds and finally, follow stay safe and healthy. Very soon, this need to work from home and creating a digital space due to the COVID 19 epidemic will come to an end. Right now, we just need to work together, stay unruffled and wait for the mayhem to end.

Dr. Somdutta Singh

Founder and CEO of Assiduus Global, The Unspun Group and IRA.