Dental fads to avoid

Dental fads to avoid

‘Your teeth are so yellow’- Brush harder.
‘She is just a child-why do you want to brush her teeth’.
‘Why go to a dentist for whitening- Use charcoal toothpaste, it will work just fine!’ How many of you’ll have heard this in your daily lives?
And how many of you’ll know that these are just MYTHS and not FACTS?
Well, let’s burst into some Dental Fads that are known to people.

1) Baby teeth= Useless teeth

Milk teeth act as space maintainers and as guides for permanent teeth. If children don’t get regular dental check-ups they might have teeth problems which are left undiagnosed. Oral infections don’t end if the milk teeth fall off in fact it gets carried on by permanent teeth as well, hence it is extremely important for you to address your child’s dental needs as well.

2)Smoking cause no major harm to the teeth.

Tooth Decay is majorly seen in smokers. Smokers have more chances of developing tooth decay and gum diseases than non-smokers. Smoking causes inflammation of the gums, very bad breath, dry mouth and staining of teeth as well.

3) A hard toothbrush cleans better than a soft one.

A hard toothbrush can be very abrasive and using them too roughly results in the removal of the topmost layer of the tooth i.e. the enamel. If a soft toothbrush is used properly it is as effective at cleaning your teeth without the risk of enamel loss. A hard toothbrush also damages your gums which results in bleeding gums as well.

4) Flossing creates space between teeth.

Flossing does not create any extra space between your teeth it in fact helps to remove food debris stuck between the spaces in your teeth and gums. Using floss also helps prevent tooth decay by keeping the teeth clean, and free from any harmful bacteria. It’s always a better idea to see your dentist and learn the correct way of flossing before you start your flossing journey.

5) Charcoal toothpaste whitening over a whitening done at the dentist! NEVER a good idea!

As tempting as it may sound, charcoal damages the teeth.
Charcoal has abrasive properties which eventually wear off the topmost layer of your tooth. In the long run, this might cause severe sensitivity. You might also observe gum problems such as bleeding gums.
It’s always best to see your dentist for ANY tooth-related problems.
These are some of the most common Dental Fads that we hear in our Day to day life. Always remember to ask your dentist before believing in any of the free advice you get.

Dr. Kshama Chandan

Celebrity Dentist and Founder of House Of Tooth, Mumbai

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