How Promotional Giveaways Can Help Boost Customer Engagement

How Promotional Giveaways Can Help Boost Customer Engagement

Every business requires a promotional strategy to advertise their products and make it reach the masses; however, conventional methods of promotions do not always lead to an exceptional result. That’s why social media has launched a new type of promotional strategy known as a Giveaway.

A Giveaway includes free products and services offered on certain terms to a large crowd of people out of which only limited random winners are chosen. The strategy includes the participation of a large group of people who get to know about the targeted brand or product which turns it into a promotional activity.

Giveaways are popular on social media, especially on Instagram. Many giveaway sponsors use paid celebrities. The celebrity’s party will generally post the gift according to the sponsor’s requests.

Benefits of Organizing a Giveaway

1. Increase in Leads

Increasing the leads of the business is one of the foremost objectives of organizing a giveaway. As with the help of a giveaway businesses are able to obtain potential clients.

The businesses can also find their target audience and track them to convert the potential leads into successful leads. By getting the information about their Instagram accounts to work emails to business WhatsApp numbers. You can contact them to send information about your products. Your company can also make use of the CRM Software to increase lead conversions and easily identify potential leads.

2. Increase in Engagement

Another main advantage is the increase in engagement. Engagement is a communication link between the business and the consumers, which is essential for forming customer loyalty.

Giveaways include terms like asking the participants to comment on their post, get likes, followers, mention them in stories and use their hashtags. Such activities increase the reach and engagement of the account of the organiser.

3. Increase in Brand Awareness

The more participants in your giveaway the more will be your brand awareness. As during that process many people other than the participant will get to know about your business. (Like the ones tagged in comments under your post or the ones who’ll be watching the reposts or story- shares) so many more people other than the participants will get to know about your brand which will increase brand awareness. This is related to brand awareness of a product or service. Starting from the logo name, color, the tagline to things related to the brand.

4. Savings on Marketing Cost

A promotional giveaway’s most significant advantage is that it is an affordable advertising medium. You can use them to market your business for several months at a lower cost than other advertising methods. The cost of a giveaway would definitely be lower than the cost of putting billboards which need to be put in large numbers so that it can reach the masses.

With a giveaway, the audience is much more specific with measurable engagement. In addition, with the increase in leads, the list of potential customers also increases.


Since, there are so many benefits of doing promotional giveaways and these benefits are more than the cost incurred on them by businesses. It becomes a very significant method to promote your products and increase customer engagement. It is also a very universal technique which means it can be opted by small businesses as well as large businesses.

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