Nani maa ke nuskhe for cough and cold treatment in kids

Nani maa ke nuskhe for cough and cold treatment in kids

Monsoon season brings immense joy and happiness from the scorching heat in summers but along with it also comes a row of diseases. We need to take extra care for our little ones. Along with doctors medications we can include some” Nani maa ke nuskhe” that are the beneficial home remedies to cure cough and cold.

  1. Nutmeg and garlic

Take one or two lines of nutmeg and half part of one garlic clove in a grinder. Add your breast milk in it and feed your baby with the spoon. Your baby might not like the garlic taste and it can be a little bit spicy for your baby so after giving immediately breastfeed your baby.

2. Ajwain potli

Dry roast some ajwain in a pan till it gets red and then put it in grinder and grind it until it turns into fine powder. Take a small piece of cotton cloth put some powder and close it tightly by giving a shape of potli. Rub desperately on the baby’s chest and back. It will give relief from chest congestion. For babies below 6 months you can please this potli near pillow its smell will give relief from cold. Make sure it should not be too hot.

3. Mustard oil and garlic cloves

Heat up some mustard oil by adding one fourth garlic of one clove until it turnslight brown. Let it cool down a bit and then apply on baby’s chest and feet at night only and keep your baby fully covered after that. It will give relief from chest congestion .

4. Saline drops

Saline drops consists of saline solution which helps to contract the blood vessels in the nose and it helps to reduce the swelling and mucus in sinus area. This is easily available in any chemist shop and it is an effective way to remove chest congestion.

5. Baby Vicks

Apply baby Vicks on chest, back, feet. After applying keep your baby fully covered and let him rest for sometime.

It’s better if you try at night. It has no side effect. You can use it even if your doctor not prescribed you. It contains the fragrance of Rosemary and lavender which helps to sooths the congested nose and give relief to baby.

Do not try all home remedies at one time. You can try them by keeping a gap of few days.

Still I will also suggest to consult doctor if baby not showing any sign of recovery.


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